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Freida Pinto Turns Heads In Nude Gown At Yves Saint Laurent Movie Premiere – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 17 May 2014

Freida Pinto in nude gown with revealing side panels at Saint Laurent premiere at CannesFreida Pinto Turns Heads In Nude Gown At Yves Saint Laurent Movie Premiere – the actress made sure all eyes were on her at tonight’s premiere of “Saint Laurent” at the Cannes Film Festival.

She wore a striking nude gown designed by Michael Kors that had everything but the kitchen sink with a long bottom section covered in feathers, sequins as well as some revealing side panels. The 29-year old Indian actress has got some great reviews for her fashion choices in recent months but some may have felt she had gone too far with tonight’s outfit.

Freida is best-known for her role as Latika in the 2008 international hit movie Slumdog Millionaire. This shot her into the spotlight and she was soon featuring in Best Dressed and Most Beautiful lists here in the UK as well as in her home country of India and around the world. Some of Freida’s choices of work since Slumdog Millionaire have not always proved popular back in India with her appearance in the Bruno Mars video for Gorilla getting her negative comments for stripping off her clothing.

The Cannes Film Festival has often featured a range of L’Oreal ambassadors and this year is no exception with Frieda being joined at the premiere by her fellow ambassadors Eva Longoria and Natasha Poly.

Eva Longoria’s fashion choice for tonight’s premiere seemed to divide opinions less than Freida’s with her long white fitted Gabriela Cadena gown getting the thumbs up from all of the assembled fashion critics.

Tonight’s movie premiere is one of the festival’s more controversial choices as the Bertrand Bonello directed film shows a side to the late fashion designer that has not been seen before. The movie shows how behind the scenes the designer’s life was ruled by drugs and casual sex and it’s subject matter has not unsurprisingly proved and unpopular one with the French fashion house he founded. In fact Bonello says that he was refused the rights to use any of the late designer’s YSL range of clothing in the film.

The new movie stars Gaspard Ulliel as Yves Saint Laurent with the role of his friend and muse Loulou de la Falaise played by French actress Léa Seydoux.



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Victoria Beckham Finally Admits To Boob Job – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 19 February 2014

Victoria Beckham very stiff nipples showing through topVictoria Beckham Finally Admits To Boob Job – the 39-year old has finally admitted in an interview with Allure magazine that she had a boob job when she was younger.

The successful fashion designer was then better known as Posh Spice from The Spice Girls and had yet to make her mark on the world of fashion. She has previously been suspected of going under the knife to increase her bust size shortly after having her son Brooklyn in 1999.

Even though she has now admitted to having the cosmetic surgery she still seems a little vague when pressed on the subject saying ‘I think I may have purchased them.’

The news comes as no surprise to anyone as the singer clearly had clearly increased her bust size overnight and according to several reports she went from a size 34A to a 34DD. No matter how good she is at designing outfits it is hard to make that much difference to your look. Read the rest of this entry »

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Eva Longoria Is Maxim’s Woman of the Year 2014 – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 6 January 2014

Maxim's 2014 Woman of the Year Eva Longoria shows cleavage on cover photoEva Longoria Is Maxim’s Woman of the Year 2014 – it may only be 6 days into the new year but it seems Maxim have already decided that their woman of the year for 2014 is 38-year old Eva Longoria.

The Desperate Housewives actress has had a good relationship with Maxim as she has twice topped their Hot 100 list and with the victories in 2005 and 2006 is the only woman ever to win the title in consecutive years.

2005 was also the first year that Eva made the cover of the magazine and she said that the long period of time between that cover and her new Woman of the Year honour made it ‘especially awesome.’

The cover photo shows the Latino beauty pulling down her white top to reveal more of her cleavage and inside shots show her leaning back seductively on a sofa as her lingerie strap falls off her shoulder. All of this seems somewhat at odds with the interview in the mag which explains that Eva is really surprisingly domesticated and is most at home in an apron baking.

As well as her domestic side Eva has also recently shown that she is a keen student having just received a masters degree in Chicano Studies from California State University. For those of you who may be unsure Chicano Studies is concerned with the role of Mexican Americans in the US and looks at history, sociology and the arts.

Despite her many magazine features some of Eva’s most interesting photos have come from other sources as he has had several wardrobe malfunctions over the last year or so and has also featured nude in an art book about LA’s Chateau Marmont. To check out these photos of Eva just click the Eva Longoria tag link at the bottom of this posting.


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Cheryl Cole and Eva Longoria At Cannes, Twitter Photos and a Wardrobe Malfunction – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 19 May 2013

Eva Longoria's wardrobe malfunction momentCheryl Cole and Eva Longoria At Cannes, Twitter Photos and a Wardrobe Malfunction – the two L’Oreal ambassadors were on the red carpet for the premiere of Arnaud Despelchin’s movie Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian).

The movie, which stars Benicio Del Toro and Gina McKee, has had some pretty poor reviews so far with the Guardian’s film critic calling it Cannes’ “wackiest, crappiest contender.” However it was not the movie which turned out to be the headline maker last night as Eva Longoria got caught out with another wardrobe malfunction.

She had already been caught out in January this year when she ended up exposing one of her breasts due to a wardrobe malfunction at the Golden Globe Awards. This time the mistake turned out to be far more embarrassing than an escaping boob as the 38-year old showed to the assembled crowds that she was not wearing any underwear as she pulled up her long green gown to avoid it getting wet in the Cannes puddles of rain. Read the rest of this entry »

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Eva Longoria Wardrobe Malfunction – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 16 January 2013

Eva Longoria wardrobe malfunction shows right breast and nipple popping out of dress at Golden GlobesEva Longoria Wardrobe Malfunction – the 37-year old actress showed a lot more than she intended whilst posing for photos at this week’s Golden Globe Awards.

Eva was posing for some photos with her friend the celebrity hair stylist Ken Paves when she appeared to be having some problems with the bottom section of her black Emilio Pucci gothic style gown. The dress has a thigh-high slash on one sides and Eva seemed to have trouble with one of her heels getting caught in the bottom of her outfit.

Unfortunately for Eva whilst she was dealing with the bottom half of her dress it was the top section that was actually causing her the most problems unbeknownst to her at the time.

With a very, very plunging neckline we would have thought that Eva would have made sure that she had plenty of tit-tape to keep herself secure in the dress. As can be seen from this photo this was clearly not the place. With so many plunging necklines on show at the awards perhaps there was a national shortage of tape!

Eva is of course best known for her role as sexy Latino character Gabrielle Solis in the show Desperate Housewives where she appeared in 181 episodes over the course of the show’s run from 2004-2012.

Earlier in the evening the main focus on Eva’s Pucci gown had been on the thigh splits which made it look like she was attempting an Angelina style 2012 Oscars pose. This was quickly forgotten as word spread on the wardrobe malfunction going on at the top part of the outfit.

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Eva Longoria Nude Art Book, X Factor Final 24

Eva Longoria Arty Nude Photo – the Desperate Housewives star has stripped off to appear nude in a new art book about trendy hotel Chateau Marmont in LA.

The new art book is called Asleep At The Chateau and as well as featuring Eva showing her bottom to the world the photographer Jork Weismann also captured a number of other stars including Usher, Justin Theroux, Kirsty Hume. Sally Singer and Orlando Bloom.

The Chateau Marmont at 8221 Sunset Boulevard has long been a favourite of the Hollywood set. Even going back to the 1930’s Harry Cohn, the founder of Columbia Pictures, said of the hotel “If you must get in trouble, do it at The Chateau Marmont.”

The Chateau has seen a number of strange things over the years including The Doors singer Jim Morrison falling off the roof and various members of Led Zeppelin riding through the hotel’s lobby on their motorbikes. It is widely believed that The Eagles Grammy award-winning track “Hotel California” was written about The Chateau Marmont.

37-year old Longoria certainly looks in great shape in her photo with her bare back and pert bottom on show in the white bedroom. Eva has said that she keeps herself in shape by daily use of the gym she has at home and is put through her paces by her own personal trainer.

Eva is currently dating New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. He is said to be very keen on the actress and from the look of her lying in those white sheets who can blame him?

X Factor’s Final 24 Acts  – tonight we found out the final 24 acts who are going on to the judge’s houses section of this year’s competition.

They are all shown below with the smart money on this year’s frontrunners split between James Arthur, Ella Henderson and Kye Sones.


  • James Arthur
  • Jahmene Douglas
  • Nathan Fagan-Gayle
  • Rylan Clark
  • Adam Burridge
  • Jake Quickenden


  • Ella Henderson
  • Amy Mottram
  • Jade Collins
  • Lucy Spraggan
  • Leanne Robinson
  • Jade Ellis

Over 28’s

  • Kye Sones
  • Melanie Masson
  • Nicola Marie
  • Brad Shackleton
  • Carolynne Poole
  • Christopher Maloney


  • Mitsotu
  • Duke
  • MK1
  • Poisonous Twins
  • Rough Copy
  • GMD3
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