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The 10 Hottest Strictly Competitors

Hottest Strictly Competitors – just before Christmas the BBC released a list of the top scoring Strictly Come Dancing competitors since the series started in 2004. With this in mind we thought it would be a good idea to have a list of the hottest looking Strictly competitors to go with it.

A number of those chosen have been picked according to the hits on our site so sorry if we have missed out one of your favourites. We guess you just didn’t look at their articles often enough!

Natasha Kaplinsky

Natasha Kaplinsky showing cleavage in low-cut dress. Former BBC newsreader, Sky News presenter and winner of the first series of StrictlyThe hottest looking woman in the first series of Strictly in 2004 was newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky. Ten years ago things were very different for both Natasha and her professional partner Brendan Cole who were considered to have got rather close during their time training together. Some things never change in Strictlyland as this sort of rumour has been the stuff of Strictly gossip in every series since.

Natasha was 31-years old at the time of her Strictly triumph and was co-hosting the BBC’s Breakfast programme whilst she was on the show. Although she looked like she was enjoying herself Natasha revealed some years after her time on the show that she had been forced to take part by the BBC.

She did make a return to the show in the second series but in a different role when she stood in as a co-presenter whilst Tess Daly was on maternity leave.

To see how far the show has come since it first started winner Natasha’s average score throughout the first series was just 33 points which for the last few years would not even have been enough to have got her to the final stages of the competition. The newsreader has admitted herself that she would not have got too far in the competition if she was involved in any of the more recent series of Strictly.

Unusually Natasha’s highest scoring dance came in week 5 when she scored 37 points for her samba. Her top scoring dance in week 8’s final was her quickstep which the judges awarded 36 points.

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Strictly’s Ola Jordan Releases Sexy 2015 Calendar

Hot looking Strictly dancer Ola Jordan in see-through white outfit for 2015 Calendar photo

Ola Jordan in see-through outfit for 2015 Calendar

Strictly’s Ola Jordan Releases Sexy 2015 Calendar – the sexy Polish Strictly dancer is doing well so far this year but we think she has a better chance of coming out on top of the Christmas calendar sales having seen the preview images from her steamy 2015 Calendar.

Ola is seen in one of the 2 photos completely naked apart from a white towel covering her body. She has wet hair and looks just like she has emerged from the shower.

The other photo shows the dancer showing off her fantastic figure in a skin-tight white see-through leotard style outfit. To say that the outfit was unforgiving would be an understatement and Ola is clearly in fantastic shape.

She is no doubt in good spirits already this weekend after she and her celebrity partner wildlife expert Steve Backshall were put through to next weeks show after the first public vote. The pair had found themselves mid table after their 2 dances of a tango and a cha-cha-cha saw them gain a total of 47 points from the Strictly Come Dancing judges.

Ola was clearly delighted to get through tweeting:

 ·Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to everyone who have voted for me and So happy to be dancing again!!!


Nude Ola Jordan wet from shower in 2015 Calendar photo

Wet look Ola Jordan

Masterchef presenter Gregg Wallace and his partner Aliona Vilani were less fortunate and after finding themselves in the dance-off with Mrs Brown’s Boys star Jennifer Gibney and her partner Tristan MacManus, were unanimously voted off by the judges.

Gregg admitted after the show had ended that he found the whole experience very emotional and that the pressure of dancing live in front of a television audience of millions left him crying, having severe anxiety attacks and suffering shortness of breath. He said ‘I found it far more difficult than I ever imagined. I’ve never felt so scared and uncomfortable.’

No such nerves for the lovely Ola and she and Steve Backshall are now in training for the week to see of they can get through another round of voting by the Strictly judges and the British public. We are pretty confident that there are several celebrities who will be going home first so we should get to see Ola in a few more outfits yet this year although Steve will have to up his game a little if they are to make it through to the latter stages of the competition.

Next week is Strictly’s Movie Week so there should be some good outfits and routines to look out for.

If these previews of a very hot looking Ola have tempted you to purchase the Ola Jordan 2015 Calendar then you can head over to the official James and Ola site and order a hand-signed copy of the calendar for £17.50. Even if you order one tonight you won’t get a chance to see all those new photos of Ola until at least 1 November when the first batch of calendars are posted ready for Christmas.


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Who Is Looking Good So Far On Strictly?

Jake Wood looking good in the salsa on Strictly Week 2

Jake Wood – looking good in the salsa

Who Is Looking Good So Far On Strictly? – as we come to the end of Week 2 on Strictly who is sitting at the top of the class of 2014 and who is getting sent home with a “must do better”?

After last week there were a few surprises for both the audience and the judges with “big and bouncy” Alison Hammond from Good Morning and Eastenders “bad boy” Jake Wood both having a great first dance on live television. Not doing so well were Judy Murray who looked more than a little wooden, antiques expert Tim Wonnacott who got a less than savoury comment from Craig and Masterchef’s Greg Wallace who look a little overawed buy both the dance and his glamorous professional partner.

With last week not having the pressure of any celebrity being sent home all of the celebrities had to up their game for this week’s live dance.Well as ever some did better having got the first week’s nerves out of the way and others showed that their first performance was more a measure of their dance ability rather than a problem with onscreen nerves.

Proving that his first week dance was no fluke Jake Wood did even better tonight with his salsa which brought a total score of 35 points from the judges and plenty of praise for the actor’s great hip action. The score is one of the highest achieved by a celebrity for a week 2 dance and as judges often undermark early on in the series it shows great promise for the latter stages of the competition.The score of 35 points combines with last week’s total of 28 points for Jake’s tango gave him and pro partner Janette Manrara top place in the Strictly table.

Coming just 1 point behind Jake was pop princess Pixie Lott, the show’s pre-start favourite, who scored 35 points for her waltz danced to Nora Jones’ “Come Away With Me”. This, combined with last week’s score of 27 points for their jive, gave Pixie and partner Trent Whiddon an overall total of 62 points.

Judy Murray Not So Hot on Strictly Week 2Judy Murray Not So Hot on Strictly Week 2

Judy Murray – not so good!

There seem to be a few celebrities looking like they might not last too much longer with Scott Mills and Judy Murray probably at the top of this particular list. Scott seems to be still very stilted in his moves and his score of 20 points for tonight’s unconvincing tango is unlikely to help him stay much longer in the competition.

His best chance of lasting another week comes in the form of Judy Murray, mother of tennis star Andy. She looked awkward last week in her tartan outfit and this week her cha-cha-cha to the Tom Jones song “She’s A Lady” didn’t seem to settle her nerves much as she moved tentatively round the dance floor wearing a tennis themed outfit. It looks like Anton du Beke is destined to never have that glitter ball trophy resting on his mantlepiece at home. Judy’s cha-cha-cha earned her just 17 points with Craig giving the dance just a distinctly mean 2 points.

Both Tim Wonnacott and Gregg Wallace seemed to improve from their first performances and should last a few weeks more but are probably destined to go after Scott and Judy and we certainly wouldn’t recommend betting much on either of them getting to the final stages. Mrs Brown’s Boy’s actress Jennifer Gibney is looking like another early casualty with her waltz to the Aretha Franklin classic “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” getting a score of just 19 points from the judges.

We will be able to find out which 2 celebrities are facing each other in the dreaded dance-off, and who is the first to leave the show, in tomorrow’s Strictly which starts on BBC1 at 7.20 pm.




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Abbey Clancy’s Breast Cancer Care Lingerie Photoshoot

Abbey Clancy posing in Ultimo Breast Cancer Care charity lingerieAbbey Clancy’s Breast Cancer Care Lingerie Photoshoot – the 28-year old model has been helping raise funds and awareness for the Breast Cancer Care charity.

Abbey launched the new Ultimo lingerie range called Mollie today with all items available in the distinctive pink colours used by the charity.

All throughout the month of October £1 from the sale of each item will direct to Breast Cancer Care. The new range is reasonably priced at just  £24 for the bra and £12 for the matching knickers.

Ultimo founder Michelle Mone said at the launch: ‘Ultimo is all about celebrating women, so we felt it important to get behind Breast Cancer Awareness month and do something special for a hugely worthy cause. Breast Cancer Care is the only UK-wide support charity that helps the thousands of women waking up to the harsh reality of breast cancer every day.’

The range is designed to show off a woman’s cleavage to best effect with Michelle Mone explaining: ‘The One’ bra cup features a secret sling that works to remove the “double boob” effect, creating a beautifully rounded and natural-looking cleavage.’ Read the rest of this entry »

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Kristina Rihanoff Too Hot For Strictly Bosses

Sexy Strictly dancer Kristina Rihanoff is too hot to be paired with married menKristina Rihanoff Too Hot For Strictly Bosses – the sexy Siberian dance professional has apparently been told that she is no longer to be paired with any married men as she is just too sexy for them to resist!

One of her former professional partners has also been speaking to explain that he had to end their partnership as she was just “too provocative.”

Dancer Michael Wetnik told the Daily Mirror that Kristina was jus too sexual and he could not carry on their partnership,

He described her very provocative clothing and said of her ‘Kristina is like a wild cat on the dance floor and I simply found it all too much.’

Bearing in mind that this is a professional dancer who is used to having sexy women not wearing very much and throwing themselves around the dancefloor one can only imagine the impact that dancing with Kristina would have on a non dance professional. Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s Strictly Romance For Iveta and Thom

Iveta Lukosiute and Thom Evans - Strictly partners in Hello magazine

Iveta and Thom appearing in Hello magazine

It’s Strictly Romance For Iveta and Thom – after all the recent break-up stories concerning Strictly celebrities and professionals we have a story where both the celebrity and the professional are single.

Form the very start rugby star Thom Evans made no secret of the fact that he had a bit of a thing for professional dancer Iveta Lukosiute. When the Lithuanian-born dancer discovered that she had been paired with Thom she was left completely speechless. Strictly’s new co-host Claudia Winkleman really enjoyed the rare sighting of a quiet Iveta and said ‘We’re so sorry for partnering you with someone so repellent – you have never been speechless before!’

Thom was quick to express his delight at being paired with Iveta immediately announcing ‘I’m single and very happy to be partnered with Iveta. I live in Surrey, maybe she will move in with me. I don’t think she gets my humour but I’m working on her. She’s stunning.’ Read the rest of this entry »

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Strictly’s Ola Jordan Has Wardrobe Malfunction

Ola Jordan has nipslip wardrobe malfunctionStrictly’s Ola Jordan Has Wardrobe Malfunction – the sexy Strictly Come Dancing professional was out with husband  James at the 28th birthday party of Ricci Guarnacci when she ended up getting a little more publicity for this year’s Strictly competition with her late night nip-slip.

The 31-year old was wearing an all black outfit with a pair of tight satin look trousers matched with a see-through mesh top. Unfortunately for Ola the black top decided to make a move southwards and she suffered a wardrobe malfunction. She has looked a likely candidate on the past to suffer a wardrobe malfunction when she is being thrown around the dancefloor in one of her tiny Latin outfits but this time she was just walking out of a club.

Ola and James were at the birthday party at Novikov in London’s Mayfair district after James got friendly with Geordie Shore star Ricci during their time together in Celebrity Big Brother. James spent some of his time in the house looking out for Ricci who he felt was being a little manipulated by Lauren Goodger.

Despite Ola’s outfit clearing showing both her nipples as she left the club it seems as though both she and James were unaware of the wardrobe malfunction at the time. We are sure that someone has told Ola of her little mishap by now but there is no mention of it so far on her Twitter account. Read the rest of this entry »

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