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Kim Kardashian’s Wet T-Shirt Honeymoon Photos – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 19 June 2014

Kim Kardashian shows large dark nipples and big boobs in wet t-shirt with arms stretched behind her headKim Kardashian’s Wet T-Shirt Honeymoon Photos – we know that they are a family that are not frightened of showing a lot of flesh but the newly married reality star really put on a good show for her fans with the release of these revealing photos shot during her honeymoon trip to Mexico.

In a recent Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode Kim’s 58-year old mother Kris Jenner was seen in a swimming pool wearing a wet t-shirt much to her daughter’s displeasure so we guess it is no surprise really that Kim is seen also wearing a wet t-shirt during her time at a pool in their villa at the exclusive Mexican resort of Punta Mita. The resort is something of a celebrity favourite having previously been visited by stars such as Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kirsten Dunst, Sofia Vergara and Demi Moore.

Although Kim wasn’t happy with her mother’s wet t-shirt moment on their recent tv series it was quite mild in comparison to the shots of her that have been seen in the last few hours. Kim is seen getting out of the luxury pool wearing just a pair of black bikini bottoms and a very wet t-short that is clinging to her curves. You can clearly see her large breasts and nipples through the wet fabric and she must have been aware of what she was doing and seems happy to show off what a great shape she has got her body in for her recent wedding. Read the rest of this entry »

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Helen Flanagan Worried About Stolen Topless Photos Getting Published – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 26 June 2013

Helen Flanagan Nude Photos on stolen iPhoneHelen Flanagan Worried About Stolen Topless Photos Getting Published – the former Coronation Street actress has not had a good few days as apart from possibly splitting up with long-term boyfriend Scott Sinclair she has been robbed at her £2.8m Cheshire home and as well as lots of jewellery it seems the robbers also took Helen’s iPhone which had a number of private naked photos on it.

The 22-year old is terrified that her private nude photos may end up being published in a newspaper, magazine or splashed all over the net.

As well as the photos her stolen iPhone is also said to contain a number of steamy text conversations between  her and boyfriend Scott. This seems particularly ironic as there had been a big row between the pair in recent days over some “sexting’ texts that Scott is said to have sent the tv interviewer Donatella Panayiotou. He is alleged to have asked her to send him pictures of herself and said that she would look “better with everything off.”

To further add to the pair’s woes after a row over Scott’s “sexting” they are said to have both driven away from their shared home at speed in their high-performance cars (Helen drives an Audi RS8 and Scott has a red Ferrari 458). The end result of this double show of hotheadedness is that both Scott and Helen have ended up getting booked for speeding. as a result they both face 3 penalty points on their licence and a hefty fine. Read the rest of this entry »

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Victoria Justice Sexy Photos Stolen From Phone – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 14 April 2013

Victoria Justice in white outfitVictoria Justice Sexy Photos Stolen From Phone – the Nickelodeon actress is not a happy girl after some sexy swimsuit photos of her were stolen from her phone and then published online.

The 20-year old had at least 4 photos of her appearing in a high-cut revealing swimsuit stolen from her phone and then subsequently published online at celeb news site

She seemed understandably less than impressed by this and after an intervention by the actress’s management the photos were taken down from the website.

She took to Twitter to express her thoughts on the matter saying: “@oceanup I would never post a picture of myself like that. I’m not taking this lightly & I will find out who stole my private property.”

At least one other celeb news site has suggested that the leak of the swimsuit photos may not be entirely unconnected with the fact that Victoria has an album due out soon and the publicity around her swimsuit photos could be seen as welcome news by many a PR firm!

Victoria did in fact return to Twitter later on to thank all of her fans for making her a trending topic. No thanks for the person who stole her phone though! Read the rest of this entry »

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40th Anniversary Of First Mobile Phone Call – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 03 April 2013

World's First Mobile Phone.

World’s First Mobile Phone.

40th Anniversary Of First Mobile Phone Call – today, 03 April, marks the 40th anniversary of the first ever mobile phone call.

On 03 April 1973 Martin Cooper, a senior engineer working at Motorola, stood outside the Hilton Hotel in Manhattan and dialled the number of Joel Engel, the Head of research at Bell Laboratories. The phone used to make this historic call was a prototype version of the Motorola Dyna-Tac.

In case you are wondering what Martin Cooper said in that first ever mobile phone call back in 1973 he is what he said as reported by him to the BBC in 2003: “Joel, I’m calling you from a ‘real’ cellular telephone. A portable handheld telephone.”

The phone used by Cooper would not be viewed as being that “mobile” these days as it weighed around 2.5lbs and its dimensions were 9 x 5 x 1.75 inches. It offered just 30m of talktime  and 8hrs of standby after a battery charge of 10hrs so for many people would not offer enough firepower to even get them to work. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Dictator, The Appys Apps Award Winners

The Dictator – it’s not long to go until the new Sacha Baron Cohen movie is released.

We have been given some teaser trailers including one of the movie’s opening scenes. The Dictator opens with a short description of the early years of General Aladeen of the Republic of Wadiya. He is shown being born with a fully grown black beard.

He is said to have changed more than 300 words in the Wadiyan language to Aladeen. This includes the words for both positive and negative which causes widespread confusion throughout the country.

The trailer finishes by showing the General competing in his own version of the Olympics with the help of a gun to shoot anyone coming near him. Incidentally this section of the film is available now as an app for the Iphone by free download from the iTunes Store.

Baron Cohen is of course responsible for the earlier movies Borat and Brüno and apparently based his latest movie on the novel Zabibah and the King written by former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

As well as Sacha Baron Cohen, The Dictator also stars Megan Fox in the role of a stuck-up hooker and Anna Faris and Ben Kingsley.

As is quite usual for Baron Cohen he indulged in some typically outrageous publicity for the new movie turning up at the Oscars earlier this year dressed as the General and spilling the contents of an urn he said contained the ashes of Kim Jong-il onto the red carpet in front of Ryan Seacrest. The General said that it was his late friend’s dream to be sprinkled over the red carpet and Halle Berry’s chest again.

The Dictator is set to be released in UK cinemas on 16 May.

The Appys – the annual award ceremony for apps has seen Angry Birds triumph for the 2nd year running.

The Rovio app was named Best Game of 2012 just as it won the same award in 2011. The awards which are sponsored by Carphone Warehouse were held in London and were hosted by Dermot O’Leary.

The night’s big winner was the Sky Sports News app which took away the title of app of the year. It also unsurprisingly won the award for the best sports app for the 2nd year running.

Other winners included YouTube,  which won the prize for best music app as well as best celebrity/entertainment app.

Google Maps won best travel app, eBay won best shopping app, BBC News won best news and weather app, Adobe Photoshop Express won best photography and video app and NHS Direct took away the award for best health and wellbeing app.

Andrew Harrison, CEO of Carphone Warehouse, said: “It’s estimated that in 2012, mobile users will download nearly 36 billion apps. It’s great to see apps across all 12 categories getting the recognition they deserve.”

It seems that we here in the UK are especially keen on our apps as according to Strategy Analytics, UK mobile owners are expected to spend nearly £560 million on apps in 2012. This would represent a bigger portion of mobile consumer spending in Britain compared to the global average.

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Gary Barlow, Barclays Pingit – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 20 February 2012

Gary Barlow – the Take That star, songwriter and X Factor judge has announced that he and his wife are expecting their 4th child.

41-year old Gary and his 42-year old wife Dawn already have an 11-year old son and 2 daughters of 9 and 3-years old. After promising fans a news announcement Gary tweeted last night: “My wife and I are expecting our 4th child #Anotherowngoal.”

It looks like being a very big year for Gary as he is believed to be in talks to return as an X Factor judge for the next series after his big success last year and he is also in charge of organising the big concert at Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

As you might expect for such a popular chap he received a huge wave of congratulations messages from fans after making the announcement.

Gary and wife Dawn have been married since 2000 and met while she was working on Take That’s Nobody Else tour in 1995.

We doubt that there will be any worries about another mouth to feed as it is rumoured that ITV bosses are liking to be offering Gary an increase on his previous £1.5m X Factor contract after he proved so popular with audiences.

He certainly still seems to be ambitious as he later tweeted: ‘Next goal ‘Celebrity Dad of the Year’ #moveasideandre.’ This is obviously aimed at Peter Andre who won the Celebrity Dad of the Year award in 2010 beating both Gary and Jamie Oliver to the title.

Barclays Pingit  – this new smartphone money transfer app has proved very popular since being launched at the end of last week.

The bank believes they have got an important head start on their rivals by being the first major UK bank to enable its customers to transfer sums up to £300 by using their mobiles. As well as attracting new customers directly there is also scope for marketing customers of other banks as anyone receiving funds from a Pingit customer will have had to give out their mobile number so may well expect to get information on the bank and its products.

The app could be very useful if you have forgotten to go the Cashpoint before going out for the night and want to settle up with your friends for drinks or a meal. Although it is only able to be used to pay individuals at the moment it is expected that quite soon the app will be able to used to settle utility bills, pay shopping bills and donate sums to charity.

The new money transfer system looks to be joined soon by a number of rival apps as the other big banks are also thought to be working on similar money transmission schemes. Although we like to think that we are quite sophisticated with these type of things in the UK the truth is that a similar system has been running in parts of Africa for a few years. There are also mobile apps available to make payments for parking in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. As you might expect Japan is also ahead of us in the mobile payments game.

Aside from Pingit the other likely winner in the mobile payments game is NFC (Near Field Communication) although this does, much as the name suggest, require you to be nearby to the person or business you wish to pay. Many UK smartphones such as Samsung’s Galaxy are already equipped with NFC technology.

The big worry with apps like Pingit is security but Barclays has assured its 12m customers that the app is safe. Users need to enter a 5 digit password to make payments from their mobiles and if the phone is lost the bank details can be remotely wiped from the phone.


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Top Totty, Bamboo Smartphone – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 05 February 2012

Top Totty – a real ale has been removed from a bar at the House of Commons as the name and label offended a member of the Shadow cabinet.

Shadow Equalities Minister Kate Green was “disturbed” to hear that the beer was on sale in the Strangers Bar at the House of Commons. This is the bar where MPs can meet guests of the House and although Ms Green found the ale offensive it appears that none of the bar staff had received a complaint about it since it was first served in 2007.

As well as the name she was apparently also upset by the picture on the beer pump which shows a cartoon of a bunny girl wearing a bikini. This cartoon was said to be “demeaning to women” by Ms Green.

Although the beer was immediately removed from the bar after she complained to Sir George Young, Leader of the House, her actions do not seem to have advanced the cause of feminism. As well as the usual suspects standing up to say how idiotic this is they have also been joined on this occasion by a number of feminists.

The general consensus of opinion is that this episode just makes feminists appear to be humourless so she may well have done her cause no good by getting Top Totty removed from Parliament. The UK Independence Party MEP for Stafford (where Top Totty is brewed by Slater’s Ales) said: “This sort of knee-jerk Puritanism does more to damage the cause of equality than a thousand beer labels.It suggests that to be in favour of equality you must be a dour-faced, insult-searching misery.”

To prove that there is no such thing as bad publicity a spokesman (should that have been spokesperson) for Slater’s Ales said that following Kate Green’s remarks demand for the ale had doubled. The beer is described on the company’s site as being “A stunning blonde beer full-bodied with a voluptuous hop aroma.
At 4 per cent it has a ripe and generous fruitiness, with deep and complex hop notes and rich malt.”

Bamboo smartphone – a British university student was so disappointed with the lack of choice available that he designed his own mobile, made out of bamboo.

The new phone is known as the ADzero and was designed by Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, a 23-year old product design student from Middlesex University. The phone will please anyone interested in being environmentally friendly as the bamboo used is locally grown and sustainable. It is also extremely light with the new smartphone said to weigh half the weight of an iPhone.

Apart from a weight advantage it also seems to have a good deal more charm than most mobiles on the market. With the natural features of wood each ADzero would have a slightly different look to any other.

Exact details of the ADzero are fairly slim at the moment, much as we expect the phone to be. What we do know is that it will run using a custom version of the Android software and will use an unusual camera flash  located around the camera lens which is said to give a more even lighting to photos.

Woodhouse originally released the camera just for the Chinese market but had such a positive response to the product that he was approached by a company wanting to market the phone. It is now expected to be on sale in the UK and throughout Europe some time this year although no date has yet been confirmed.

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