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Fern Britton To Present New BBC Show The Big Allotment Challenge – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 29 March 2014

Fern Britton shows big cleavage for Big Allotment Show promo photoFern Britton To Present New BBC Show The Big Allotment Challenge – the popular 56-year old presenter is having a new career boost after getting a new body thanks to her time on Strictly Come Dancing.

Fern is still probably best known for her time presenting ITV’s Good Morning This Morning, which saw her strike up a very popular on-screen partnership with Philip Schofield. She co-presented the show for some 8 years before leaving in 2009 when she was replaced by Holly Willoughby.

The new BBC show is being talked of as being similar in style to the very successful Great British Bake Off. The idea is that the show will try to find the country’s top vegetable growers and although it mentions allotments in the title the recruitment for the show made it clear that anyone who was a keen gardener could audition even if they were only growing their veg in a window box.

As well as cultivating all this lovely home-grown produce the show will then show exactly what can be done with all that healthy food and there is a definite “village show” feel about the home-made chutneys that will be featured much as the very popular Great British Bake Off has recreated the television equivalent of a village fair cum WI competition.

It is almost certain to succeed as a concept with home-grown produce being seen in far more gardens than for many years and nearly every council up and down the land reporting long waiting lists for allotment plots. Add in the very cheerful Fern and a gardening expert or two and you can see it taking a very strong place in the weekly tv ratings. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tweet Of The Day- What’s Hot and What’s Trending 26 April 2013

Tweet of the Day - the blackbirdTweet Of The Day – no not what you might first think but a new programme on BBC Radio 4 which will feature the sounds of British birds.

Starting from next month Sir David Attenborough will be presenting the new series which will air on Radio 4 at 5.58 am just before the Today Programme begins.

Each episode of the Tweet of the Day will feature the song of a different British bird together with details of its history and where it appears in music and literature.

There will be 265 British birds in total over the duration of the series with Sir David Attenborough presenting all of the episodes in May when he will hand over the presenting role to wildlife presenters Chris Packham, Miranda Krestovnikoff and Steve Backshall.

As well as featuring well-known British birds such as the blackbird Tweet of the Day will also be letting us hear the call of lesser known birds such as great crested grebes and the storm petrel.

In case you were wondering there are actually more than 265 different sorts of birds in Britain with the latest official list of British birds standing at 596 different species, of which 286 are described as being rare.

The new Tweet of the Day series will be starting on BBC Radio 4 on 06 May at 05.58 with every episode of the series being available as a download from the BBC website. As you would expect from a series with this name a podcast is being tweeted out with the hashtag #r4tweet.



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Emma Watson In Topless Photo Campaign – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 22 March 2013

Emma Watson topless in Natural Beauty bookEmma Watson In Topless Photo Campaign – like many child stars Emma Watson is keen to shed her little girl image as quickly as she can and she is certainly doing that with her new topless campaign promoting environmental awareness.

The topless shots are part of a new photo album called Natural Beauty from US photographer James Houston. As well as featuring Emma Watson, there are also photos of Elle Macpherson, Christy Turlington and Anja Rubik.

The book will raise funds and also raise awareness for environmental organisation Global Green USA whose mission statement is: “fostering a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future.”

The Natural Beauty book is to be released in April during World Earth Week and there will also be some accompanying shows to celebrate both the launch and World Earth Week.

Emma Watson in wet look nude photoPhotographer James Houston said of his new book: “My latest project, NATURAL BEAUTY, is a photographic series inspired by the connection I feel to nature in my design work and in the environment. I shot some of the world’s leading celebrities and top models who are also environmentally conscious. The project will launch during World Earth Week 2013 in New York and Los Angeles in collaboration with MILK Galleries NYC. By celebrating the incredible beauty that exists in nature, my hope is that these images will inspire people to appreciate and value nature’s beauty. The environment is a gift we can’t afford to take for granted. We all need to do our part to protect it.”.

Emma has recently been speaking about rumours that she was going to play the lead role of Anastasia Steele in the movie adaptation of mummy porn novel Fifty Shades of Grey. After celebrity hacker group Anonymous said that the movie studio behind the adaptation showed Watson’s name linked to the film she took to Twitter to express surprise that anyone would think she would take the part.

Emma is not the only actress to state that she wouldn’t want to take part in a movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey as Keira Knightley stated outright that she wouldn’t take part when asked last December.

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Apollo 11’s Moon Landing Guide For Sale – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 17 March 2013

Buzz Adrin on the surface of the Moon in July 1969Apollo 11’s Moon Landing Guide For Sale – anyone looking to buy a definitive piece of history from the last century would struggle to find something bigger than the Buzz Aldrin’s moon landing guide from the Apollo 11 mission.

As everyone knows the Apollo 11 mission was the first time that man had landed on the moon and the instruction sheets used by both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are to go on sale later this month.

The papers going on sale are part of the manual that Buzz Aldrin used whilst first man on the moon Neil Armstrong piloted the Eagle, the lunar module, onto the surface of the moon on 20 June 1969.It was not until some 6 hours later on 21 June 1969 that Neil Armstrong finally became the first man on the moon but these instructions papers where what helped that momentous event take place. Read the rest of this entry »


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Dita Von Teese In 3D Dress – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 07 March 2013

Curvy 40-year old Dita Von Teese shows off cleavage and figure in world's first 3D printed dressDita Von Teese In 3D Dress – the burlesque star was shown in the world’s first 3D printed dress this week at an event at the Ace Hotel in New York.

Dita showed off her fantastically curvy figure in the dress which featured a very low plunging neckline to show off her cleavage and some impressively big shoulders that almost referenced an early 80’s episode of Dynasty.

The dress was designed by Michael Schmidt (he of Lady Gaga bubble dress fame) and the architect Francis Bitonti. New York based Bitonti is a leading player in the fields of algorithmic form generation and 3D printing and has already used his skills to produce 3D printed versions of cutlery, an ABS chair and a stainless steel table.

The new 3D dress was made using a hardened powdered nylon that still allows the wearer plenty of movement due to the fact that there are 3000 joints built into the dress.

As if the dress wasn’t special enough with all of this going on it also has 13000 black Swarovski crystals on it. Whether these were placed on the dress in honour of the first wearer is not clear but as Dita herself pointed out she is used to having that many crystals on her wrist in her line of work. Read the rest of this entry »

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Top Wikipedia Articles of 2012 – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 28 December 2012

houx crenele - top French Wikipedia article 2012Top Wikipedia Articles – although Wikipedia itself doesn’t release Top 10 lists anymore it does still allow researchers to access its log files and Swedish software engineer Johan Gunnarsson has done all the hard work for us.

Although data is not available for separate countries we can see what are the most popular wiki articles in the different language versions of the site. In the English language version, which is unsurprisingly the biggest, the most searched article this year turns out to be ‘Facebook’ which had over 32m hits. Gunnarsson believes that the reason this article is so popular is either: 1)  users are typing Facebook into an integrated search engine in their browsers intending to go to the site and end up on Wikipedia (which could be a self-reinforcing habit based on search history), or 2) it reflects high-level interest and curiosity about top websites and their history, policies and background.

The second most popular article was ‘Wiki’ with over 29m people looking at it, presumably to work out the meaning of the Wikipedia site itself. Curiously though there is a ‘Wikipedia’ article on the site and this came in at 27th place in terms of number of hits.

Other Top 10 Wikipedia articles this year included ”Deaths in 2012′ and movies ‘The Avengers’, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘The Hunger Games.’ The list also has One Direction and Fifty Shades of Grey making the Top 10.

Cul-de-sac from Brookside tv but Germans may be interested!Other language versions of Wikipedia also had Top 10 details released and it seems that the Japanese are keen on actresses in porn movies, the Germans have an unusual preoccupation with cul-de-sacs (sackgasse to them), the Vietnamese are keen to read about sex positions and the world’s French-speaking nations are strangely curious about houx crenele, a type of holly from Asia.

Top 10 Articles on the English-speaking version of Wikipedia during 2012

  1. Facebook
  2. Wiki
  3. Deaths in 2012
  4. One Direction
  5. The Avengers (2012 film)
  6. Fifty Shades of Grey
  7. 2012 Phenomenon
  8. The Dark Knight Rises
  9. Google
  10. The Hunger Games

Admit it, the articles on holly, Japanese porn and cul-de-sacs sound more exciting don’t they!

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Coat-Wearing Ikea Monkey, Pamela Anderson Owes $370k In Tax – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 10 December 2012

Darwin the Ikea Monkey from TorontoCoat-Wearing Ikea Monkey Is Internet Star – people looking for some flat-packed furniture at the Ikea store in North York, Toronto were very surprised when they came across a small coat-wearing monkey instead.

The 7-month old rhesus macaque (also known as a rhesus monkey) was first spotted wearing his little fitted brown shearling coat whilst on the upper parking section of the Ikea store on Sunday afternoon.

Shoppers saw the little monkey running around the parking lot screaming and looking quite agitated. He apparently escaped from his owner’s car and made his big bid for freedom, or shopping, depending on your point of view.

The monkey was on the run for around half an hour before being caught by staff from the Toronto Animal Services. It is illegal to keep a rhesus monkey in Ontario and the breed is normally found in much warmer climates, which may explain the need for his little shearling coat.

The owner turned himself into Toronto Animal Services later that afternoon and was fined $240. He was said to have been very co-operative and informed the authorities that the monkey’s name was Darwin.

Darwin quickly became a big online hit and there are at least 2 spoof Twitter accounts for him @IkeaMonkey and @Ikea_Monkey with some calling for the half-metre tall Darwin to be elected as the new city mayor.

Darwin himself was taken to Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in Sunderland, Ontario which is about 55 miles (88km) away from the Ikea store where he was found. He will probably now make Story Book Farm his permanent home although he was said to be less than pleased when he first arrived. This may be because he didn’t know any of the other 24 monkeys living there or just that he didn’t get a chance to buy the furniture that he wanted!

Pamela Anderson in skimpy dress that shows breasts and stiff nipplesPamela Anderson In Trouble Over Taxes – the former Baywatch star and Playboy model has got herself into a bit of a financial mess and owes around $370k in taxes.

The 45-year old has been in trouble before over late payment of taxes and in 2009 she owed a whopping $1.7m in back taxes. This time the amount owed comprises around $295k she owes to the US Government and a further $112k owed to her home state of California.

To make sure that they get their money the authorities have placed a court order on Pammie’s Malibu home which prevents her from selling it until the taxes are all paid.

She certainly seems to be a forgetful sort when it comes to getting her purse out as she was previously said to owe the building company that worked on her Malibu home around $1m in fees for the work they carried out. Pamela denied the claim saying that she had already settled their bill in full.

The latest tax bill makes it am absolute certainty that we will see Pamela appear on ITV’s Dancing On Ice but whether she gets to get her hands on any of her fee for this is much less likely as the IRS are likely to want to use it to offset against her tax bill.

Pam said of her latest tax problems: ‘I’m not trying to avoid any tax obligation. Certain events occurred, outside of my control, which caused this temporary but embarrassing situation. All of my tax obligations will be resolved in the very near future.’

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