How Much More Revealing Can Clothes Get? – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 24 January 2014

24 Jan
Paris Hilton wears dress with nude see-through section that threaten to reveal crotch

Paris Hilton

How Much More Revealing Can Clothes Get? –  in the last 24 hours we have seen 3 of the more extreme items of clothing from Paris Hilton, Coco Austin and here in the UK Rachel Wilde’s NTA outfit.

It seems that to be sure of getting media coverage women are having to wear more and more outrageous clothes and by that we obviously mean less and less clothing. The other new feature is to turn what looks at first sight to be an ordinary dress or gown into something much more likely to get press coverage by inserting  hidden slits or see-through sections.

Today’s 2 candidates for this type of outfit are Paris Hilton and Coco Austin.

Paris wore a full length black dress to Diddy’s 4th Annual Red Carpet Pre-Grammy Celebration in LA but made the outfit much more newsworthy by having a huge see-through section that clearly showed she was not wearing any underwear and looked in danger of revealing an exposed crotch every time she turned around.

The 32-year old’s dress seemed to have been inspired by the Azzaro Couture dress that actress Jaimie Alexander wore to the premiere of Thor in November last year. The dress not only had a large see-through section like the one Paris wore but the see-through portion also extended up her body to reveal her cleavage.

Big breasted Coco Austin nude under see-through lace dress in Twitter photo

Coco Austin

An unkind person might comment that the dress got the actress more column inches than her acting has so far but she was keen to ride the wave of publicity the outfit got her and appeared shortly after on The Jay Leno Show to explain that she was not actually completely naked underneath but was wearing ‘something’. Quite what this small item was did not get explained but she did say that the dress was kept in place by what she referred to as toupee tape which is referred to by the perhaps more accurate name here in the UK of ‘tit tape.’

Today’s other contender for most revealing outfit, or perhaps we should say outfit least worth bothering to pretend to wear, is Coco Austin’s completely see-through lace dress that she shared with her followers on Twitter.

The curvy 34-year old is clearly completely naked underneath what little cover the dress provides and the outfit has so little material it is quite hard to tell at first that it is actually made of blue lace.

Coco released the photo as she said ‘Playing around need to update my profile pic..This is new,fresh & elegant.Do u like this pic?’

Quite where we are likely to go next with this particular trend is hard to tell. First of all we started with a hint of cleavage and then when that was commonplace we moved on to lower and lower necklines before adding in high slits to the dresses. This was then followed by a large number of ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ which was strange as these had almost never happened before! We are now at the stage where flashing breasts is no guarantee of coverage in the media so we see the emergence of this latest craze for outfits that are either completely see-through or if looking at red carpet clothing then contain a large portion of nude or see-through sections.

Any thoughts on what we might move onto next in the continuing quest for media coverage?

Jaimie Alexander

Jaimie Alexander

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