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Beyonce and Jay Z To Split? – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 03 August 2014

Beyonce in black see-through dress at pre-Superbowl eventBeyonce and Jay Z To Split? – according to a post on The New York Post’s Page Six the music world’s most powerful and celebrated marriage is in big big trouble.

Beyonce and Jay Z are currently travelling the US as part of their $100m On The Run world tour. However far from putting on a display of happy families it seems that things have gone a little sour for the pair as it is reported they are staying in separate hotels and don’t even arrive together before each show.

The tour is in Pasadena tonight for its 2nd night at the city’s famous Rose Bowl. After tonight’s show the tour then moves on to San Francisco for 2 shows on the 5th and 6th at the AT&T Park. However the report in Page Six doesn’t seem too certain that they will get that far with their source quoted as saying ‘This may not make it to San Francisco .I’m definitely not sure that they’ll make it to Paris.’

As you can see from the above quote the San Francisco shows are not the end of the road for the On The Run tour as they are scheduled to finish off their run of concerts with 2 performances in September at the Stade de France in Paris.

Things do appear to have gone wrong very quickly on this tour as just back in late June their Cincinnati concert got the following review from a New Pittsburgh Courier journalist. ‘The duo has proven numerous times that their union, professionally and personally, is unstoppable.’ Read the rest of this entry »

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Is This The Woman Who Has Finally Tamed George Clooney? – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 27 April 2014

Amal Alamuddin - George Clooney fiance - Hottest Female BarristerIs This The Woman Who Has Finally Tamed George Clooney? – it is today reported that George Clooney is engaged to international barrister Amal Alamuddin.

The 36-year old top lawyer is a far cry from some of Gorgeous George’s previous girlfriends and the news of a possible impending Clooney marriage is something of a shock after so many years of interviews where he stated that he had no thoughts of marriage saying “I was married in 1989. I wasn’t very good at it”. This refers to the Oscar-winning actor’s 4 year marriage to the actress Talia Balsam who now plays Mona Sterling in Mad Men.

Despite many outsiders thinking that the choice of a top lawyer is a strange one, people who know George well will probably not be surprised at his choice. Although he is known as a big practical joker he is actually a very genuine man with a deep social conscience and has a strong and long-standing passion for human rights.

Amal is far from your average high street lawyer as you won’t see her helping people get off speeding tickets or helping them with house conveyancing as she works advising governments, the UN  and has also worked as the adviser to the King of Bahrain. You can add to this impressive cv the fact that she trained at St Hugh’s, Oxford, the NYU School of Law and she is fluent in Arabic and French.

Another very important detail is that she was named by the excellent tumblr site Your Barrister Boyfriend as the Hottest Female Barrister in London in their 2013 poll. They said of Amal: “Amo, Amas, Amal. These are three short words that come to mind when thinking about this dazzling beauty. Amal Alamuddin may make some feel inadequate because she has achieved the seemingly unattainable ideal of contemporary femininity: She is both breathtakingly beautiful and formidably successful. Not only does she have huge warm eyes and silky, jet-black hair, but she speaks French and Arabic”.

The site is currently running a poll as to exactly what we should refer to this new power couple as. Amongst the frontrunners are: Alamooney, Clamal and our personal favourite, G-mal.

We are guessing that the next few days and weeks will see a host of photographers following the beautiful lawyer around town trying to get an exclusive photo.Having represented the former Libyan intelligence chief and the head of Wikileaks we are sure that Amal is more than capable of dealing with a few paparazzi.


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