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Cheryl Cole Married To French Businessman – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 14 July 2014

Cheryl Cole shows her breasts in open front white dressCheryl Cole Married To French Businessman – the 31-year old, who may well be our best-loved pop singer, has announced that she has secretly married her French boyfriend Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini.

The pair apparently tied the knot with a very private ceremony held in front of a handful of people on a beach in the beautiful private Caribbean island of Mustique.

Mustique is a favourite of the rich and famous and was the location chosen by Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell for their honeymoon in 2011. It is also a favourite location for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, having previously been where the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, spent most of her leisure time.

Cheryl’s wedding took most people by surprise as it has only been 3 months since she first started dating the former 33-year old French playboy. Things were obviously moving pretty fast for the pair as he was believed to have moved into her luxury Hertfordshire property a month ago. Read the rest of this entry »

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Olympics Opening Ceremony

Olympics Opening Ceremony – Danny Boyle’s opening extravaganza for the London 2012 Olympics has met with almost universal praise. The film director used a cast of around 10k people to help portray his Isles of Wonder vision of Britain. The crowd was treated to scenes of rural British life with cows and geese and village cricket. Maybe the first time a non-Olympic sport has featured in the opening ceremony? There were also scenes showing the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the British countryside with several large smoking chimneys rising up from the ground. During thus section Sir Kenneth Branagh portrayed Isambard Kingdom Brunel, climbing up a grassy knoll to deliver a speech from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. There was also plenty of other glimpses of British culture including plenty of music. One highlight was Rowan Atkinson as his alter ego Mr Bean playing keyboards with the London Philharmonic conducted by Sir Simon Rattle. Another couple of British institutions were on view in a specially recorded section featuring The Queen, her corgi dogs and Daniel Craig as James Bond. Whilst most of Britain would have enjoyed the numerous references to our culture dotted around such as The Archers and Eastenders theme tunes much of the opening ceremony would have probably confused those from other countries. Other big names taking part in the opening ceremony included Sir Paul McCartney, inventor of the world wide web, Sir Tim Bernard Lee and Harry Potter author J K Rowling. The mystery if who would carry the Olympic Flame on the final part of its journey was answered when Steven Redgrave ran into the stadium after picking up the flame from David Beckham who had transported it down the River Thames in a speedboat. Not everyone enjoyed the ceremony though with one Conservative MP getting into big trouble for his comments. Aidan Burley used Twitter to describe the Olympic opening ceremony as ‘leftie multi-cultural crap.’ Burley certainly appeared to be very much in the minority with many people saying that Boyle’s triumphant display of Britishness should be rewarded with a knighthood.

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Paul McCartney’s 70th Birthday, Fifty Shades of Grey

Paul McCartney’s 70th birthday – the man whose music defined a generation and who is still composing and performing 50 years after he began is 70-years old today.

Together with John Lennon, Paul McCartney wrote many of the classic tunes of popular music. Hits such as Yesterday, Can’t Buy Me Love, Norwegian Wood, Hey Jude, The Long and Winding Road and Lady Madonna are just some of the classics he penned with Lennon during their time writing for The Beatles, universally regarded as the greatest band in the history of pop music.

Even after the band broke up in 1970 he was still writing even more classic tracks such as Maybe I’m Amazed, a love song for wife Linda, from his first solo album the self–titled McCartney. From 1971 he was working back in a band again with Wings producing a number of great albums the most well-known being 1973’s Band on the Run, with its classic cover reminding many of the Beatles own Sgt Pepper with its photo of many national and international celebrities.

He has also written classical and electronic works since The Beatles split up and amongst the very many chart records he holds he is the only artist to have had UK NUmber 1 records as a solo act (Pipes of Peace), a duo (Ebony & Ivory with Stevie Wonder), a trio (Mull of Kintyre), a quartet (The Beatles obviously, pick any of 17 different songs), a quartet (The Beatles with Billy Preston singing Get Back), and as part of a large ensemble (the charity single Let It Be with the Ferry Aid ensemble, released after the Zeebrugge ferry disaster in 1987).

After such an amazing music career it is no surprise that McCartney is one of the wealthiest people in the country and is estimated to have a personal fortune of around half a billion pounds. Despite his huge wealth he and first wife Linda insisted on sending their children to an ordinary state school. This obviously did the no harm as their daughter Stella has gone on to become one of the world’s top fashion designers.

He seems to have found a great deal of happiness in recent years with 3rd wife Nancy Shevell after sadly losing his beloved first wife Linda to cancer in 1998. His current wife seems happy to stay in the background and looks to make him genuinely happy no doubt a massive relief for him after his disastrous second marriage to Heather Mills.

It goes without saying that his music has been a huge influence to many generations of musicians and he still inspires people now. Paul Weller has today released a cover of The Beatles song Birthday as a tribute to McCartney. Proceeds from the song will go to benefit the War Child charity. Weller said he wanted to record the track to celebrate McCartney’s 70th birthday because he has been “an immense and enduring inspiration.”

McCartney was the man chosen to close the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert and it is no surprise that he has also been chosen to play at the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony. Although his voice may not be as a strong as it was 50 years ago his bass playing is still top-notch and that man can still write a song. Happy Birthday Sir Paul and many more.

Fifty Shades of Grey – the novel which has been described as being in the “mummy porn” genre is fast becoming a publishing sensation.

The book by first-time author E. L. James looks set to sell over a million copies in paperback by the end of this year. This follows on from the initial high level of sales in its original e-book format.

It appears that the novel has had so many people reading it that it is now ok to be seen with a copy on the train, bus or sitting in the rest room at work.

Fifty Shades of Grey has sold over 550k paperback copies quicker than any other novel since the Nielsen BookScan records began in 1998.

Another reason behind its popularity seems to be the understated jacket which is contrast to the usual covers that were seen on women’s erotic novels before. With the success of the novel has grown a whole host of copycat “mummy porn” with similar tales of dominant older males seducing innocent younger women and all sold in understated covers with muted colours, pastels or greys.

Fifty Shades is the first book in a trilogy by James (real name Erika Mitchell) and the other 2 novels have also been in 2nd and 3rd place in the UK paperback charts for the past 6 weeks.The trilogy revolves around the character Anastasia Steele a virginal college graduate who submits herself to the sadistic fantasies of billionaire Christian Grey.

It is a remarkable success story for the author who initially released the novels herself on the internet as fan fiction based on the Twilight series of novels.

Amongst the records that the paperback has achieved it is only the 4th paperback ever to sell more than 100k copies in a single week, something that most of the Harry Potter series of novels did not achieve (although it could be argued that they were so popular that people didn’t wait for the paperback copy to come out but paid more for the earlier hardback release.

So bear in mind that the middle-aged lady looking so engrossed in her novel on the train this morning was probably not reading Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte but something altogether more racy.

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Simon Cowell’s Affair With Dannii Minogue, New Paul McCartney Single

Simon Cowell – the tv mogul is reported to have had an affair with Dannii Minogue.

The news comes via a new unauthorised biography of Cowell entitled Sweet Revenge, written by BBC journalist Tom Bower. The affair is meant to have happened some time in 2007 when the pair were judges together on X Factor. Simon had just split from long-term girlfriend Terri Seymour and said of Dannii: “I had a crush on her. I was like a schoolboy. She was foxy. She was a real man’s girl. Very feminine. It was genuine love.”

They are said to have spent several nights together during this time and there were in fact rumours during this time that something was going on between the two after they were snapped in a car holding hands after both appearing on Children In Need.

As well as having his eye on Dannii Simon is also said to have fancied his chances with Dannii’s fellow Australian Natalie Imbruglia but it seems he was not as successful with her as he was with her fellow countrywoman.

People will be seeing Simon in a totally different light after this book because as well as the revelations about Dannii it also tells how Simon was infatuated with Cheryl Cole. He thought of Cheryl as the “new Diana” and made frequent visits to her dressing room when they worked together on X Factor. He said: “When she walked over, I felt I was the mouse with a beautiful cat. I adored her. And as she got her own way, it drove Louis Walsh mad.”

The new biography is due to be released next month and is currently being serialised in The Sun.

Paul McCartney – Sir Paul’s daughter Stella hosted a star-studded party to launch his latest single My Valentine.

The 69-year old ex-Beatle directed 3 music videos for the new track and managed to enlist the help of some famous friends. Not many musicians would have the phone numbers for 2 Oscar nominated actors but then Sir Paul probably has a more stellar group of friends than almost anyone we know.

Johnny Depp appears in one video, Natalie Portman in another and in the 3rd video both actors appear together. The videos were all shot in black and white and show the pair using sign language as they follow the lyrics to Sir Paul’s new track.

Stella held the party at her West Hollywood shop and it attracted a real A-list of celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Quincy Jones, Jane Fonda, Zooey Deschanel, Kristen Stewart and Pamela Anderson. Sir Paul was of course also joined for the evening by new wife Nancy Shevell. Apparently the idea for the videos was Stella’s as she thought it would be good fun to get her dad to invite some famous mates over for a quick bit of filming.

My Valentine is featured on the new album Kisses On The Bottom, which features songs that Paul grew up with. When asked how he chose Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman for the shoot Paul said: “Well, they’re just nice people, some friends from way back and they were just very kind to do it. I was very pleased to work with them.”

You can watch the new video for My Valentine below.


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Who Is On The Sgt Pepper Album Cover, Steve Jobs Movie

Sgt Pepper cover redone for 2012 – to mark his 80th birthday, artist Sir Peter Blake has recreated his famous cover for The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper album, updating the people on the cover to feature icons from today.

If you click on the image here you will be able to look at a bigger version of the redesigned album cover and see how many people you can recognise.

Once you have made a note of as many as you can then look at the bottom of today’s posting and get the full list of names. How did you do?

The original cover which appeared on The Beatles 1967 album featured such icons as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Bob Dylan, Aleister Crowley, Oscar Wilde, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy and Karl Marx. The work also featured each of The Beatles twice, once as themselves and the second time as a waxwork. Blake did originally intend to have Adolf Hitler in the image, and he was in the earliest versions, but in the final shot his image is obscured by that of Johnny Weissmuller, the Olympic swimmer who went on to play Tarzan.

Blake has said that he feels the album cover is what he will be remembered for and he finds it a bit frustrating that whatever else he does he is still known as “the man who designed the Sgt Pepper album cover.” As well as celebrating his 80th birthday the new image has been created to show at the Vintage Festival to be held at Boughton House this July. The Vintage Festival has been created by Wayne Hemingway who is one of the  co-founders of fashion label Red or Dead. Hemingway said of Blake and his new creation: “The new artwork is a tribute to Britain’s standing as the world’s leading creative nation. We are proud to be dedicating the Sunday at Vintage this year to celebrate his 80th birthday and creative and cultural legacy.”

Steve Jobs film – it has been announced in US Variety magazine that Ashton Kutcher is to play the late Apple boss in a new movie about his life.

The movie is based on a screenplay by Matt Whiteley and is to be directed by Joshua Michael Stern who is probably best known for the 2008 movie Swing Vote, starring Kevin Costner, Kelsey Grammer and Dennis Hopper.

Production may start as early as next month and it will be in direct competition with a second biopic about Jobs  which is to be based on the best-selling authorised biography by Walter Isaacson and will be a Sony production. Apart from the advantage to be gained by releasing their movie first the other factor behind an early filming schedule for the Stern production is that Kutcher is currently on a break from his filming commitments for hit US tv show Two and a Half Men.

Although Kutcher is best known for his light comedic roles he has tackled some heavier work in the past with parts in Bobby and The Butterfly Effect. He will no doubt be pleased to be getting coverage for his acting work for a change as recent media coverage has either focussed on his break-up with ex Demi Moore or his possible new relationship with Rihanna.

The new movies will not be the first about Steve Jobs as there was a US tv movie called Pirates of Silicon Valley released in 1999 which had ER’s Noah Wyle playing the part of the Apple chief.

Answers to Sgt Pepper 2012 image from above:

Top Row (L-R): Amy Winehouse, Sir Paul Smith, Ian Curtis, Nick Park, Robin Day, Lucienne Day, Francis Bacon, Roald Dahl, Alfred Hitchcock, Lucian Freud, Kate Moss, Paul Weller, Sir Tom Stoppard, Danny Boyle, Sir Mick Jagger, Fanny Craddock, Mr Chow.

Second Row: Martin Parr, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, John Peel, Sir Terence Conran, Robyn Hitchcock, JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling, Anish Kapoor, Mary Quant, David Bailey, Harold Pinter, David Chipperfield.

Third Row: Agatha Christie, Barbara Hulanicki, John Hurt (slightly raised), Gavin Turk, Rick Stein, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Jonathan Ive, Tracey Emin, Sir David Lean, Peter Saville, Sir David Attenborough, Lord Norman Foster, Justin De Villeneuve, Sir Ridley Scott, Sir Terrence Rattigan, Vidal Sassoon, Richard Curtis, Mark Hix.

Middle Row: Delia Smith (in Norwich City scarf), David Bowie, Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn, Gary Oldman, Damien Hirst, Stella McCartney, Mary McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Dame Vivienne Westwood, Dame Helen Mirren, Grayson Perry, Wreckless Eric.

Fifth Row: Richard Rogers (in profile), Noel Gallagher, Dame Shirley Bassey, Jeremy King, Chrissy Blake, Sir Peter Blake, Chris Corbin, Rose Blake, Sir Elton John, Daisy Blake (in roller skates), Ian Dury, David Hockney.

Bottom Row: Monty Python foot, Elvis Costello, Liberty Blake (with flag), Victoria Vintage (on the drum head), Eric Clapton.


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The Top UK Visitor Attractions, Nancy Shevell

Top UK Visitor Attractions – latest figures show that Westminster Abbey has shot up the list of the most visited attractions in the UK.

The Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA) has released the figures for 2011 and the increased focus on the Abbey from last year’s Royal Wedding is thought to be largely responsible for the figure of 1.9 m visitors, up 36% on the previous year’s total and enough to push it into the Top 10 UK Visitor Attractions for the very first time.

In contrast to Westminster Abbey’s successful visitor year St Paul’s Cathedral saw a drop in visitors as the Occupy protesters put off a lot of tourists from visiting.
For the 5th year running the British Museum was the top visitor attraction in the uK with just under 6m people going there during 2011.
The National Gallery came in behind the British Museum in 2nd place with the numbers boosted by the tremendously popular Leonardo exhibition which opened in November.
Many of the attractions on the list had their numbers boosted by tv and film with the Old Royal Naval College at Greenwich still seeing increased visitor numbers after Johnny Depp filmed there for PIrates of the Caribbean and it also featured in the Iron Lady.
The Top 20 UK Visitor Attractions for 2011 are:
  1. British Museum
  2. National Gallery
  3. Tate Modern
  4. Natural History Museum
  5. Science Museum
  6. V&A
  7. Tower of London
  8. Westminster Abbey
  9. National Portrait Gallery
  10. St Paul’s Cathedral
  11. Old Royal Naval College Greenwich
  12. National Museum of Scotland
  13. Tate Britain
  14. British Library
  15. Chester Zoo
  16. Edinburgh Castle
  17. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
  18. Roman Baths & Pump Room, Bath
  19. Stonehenge
  20. London Zoo
Nancy Shevell at Paris Fashion Week – the new Mrs McCartney and husband Sir Paul were on the front row of Stella McCartney’s Paris Fashion Week show.
The designer picked up plenty of positive comments for her light, fun A/W 12 collection. There were plenty of different things to keep your eye on with grey, blue and fuschia pink colouring and big coats, knits and mini dresses all on view.
Joining Sir Paul and Nancy on the front row at Stella’s Paris show were Alicia Keys and Salma Hayek. Models at the show included Natalia Vodianova and Karlie Kloss.
We are not sure if Nancy gave her new step-mum  a preview of the collection but she was seen on the front row in a hot pink shift dress that matched the colour of some of Stella’s collection. She matched the outfit with some snakeskin print heels.
Talking of her new collection Stella said: ”It’s English countryside meets urban energy, colour and shine.”It was very much the country girl discovering the urban edge. I tried mix the two worlds together but in an unexpected way.”It is a busy time for Stella, as well as her Paris Fashion show she is also opening a new shop in Brompton Cross later this week.
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McCartney Wedding, Windows 8, Sell-by Dates, Scarlett Johansson Naked Photos Leak – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 15 September 2011

McCartney wedding – rumours are rife that Paul McCartney and long-term girlfriend Nancy Shevell are to be married in the very near future.

It is believed that the couple intend to marry at Sir Paul’s farmhouse in Peasmarsh, outside Rye in Sussex. The couple’s friends are said to be on standby for a ceremony in the next few weeks. They have already chosen their wedding rings from celebrity jeweller Neil Lane in Los Angeles.

People have already seen chairs and boxes of champagne flutes arriving at the farmhouse ahead of the celebrations and it is expected to be a restrained affair in contrast to the media circus surrounding Sir Paul’s last wedding to Heather Mills.

After the ceremony in the UK it is thought the couple will fly back to the US for a party at their home in the Hamptons to celebrate with Nancy’s family and all of their American friends.

We are sure that everyone knows that this will be Sir Paul’s third marriage and we all hope that this is more like his first marriage than his second!

Windows 8 – Microsoft has been releasing details of its next generation operating system known at the moment as Windows 8. The new operating system will be able to run on the low power ARM designed processors for the first time.

Windows 8 has also been designed to run on new style tablet computers as well as conventional computers. Although we do not yet know the name of the desktop/laptop version of the new operating system, Windows 8 for tablet computers is to be known as Metro.

Having the new Windows 8 operating system able to run on their low power processors will be a huge boost for the Cambridge based ARM Holdings. ARM Holdings PLC shares which were trading at 480p back on 18 August are currently trading 609p (up 6.5p today).

Having the new operating system able to run on devices other than traditional laptops and desktops is seen as a vital step for Microsoft as the market for traditional computing continues to be eroded. More and more people are now accessing the Internet using tablets and smartphones, all of which are capable of providing good quality sound and video these days.

Microsoft have said that Windows 8 will focus on applications for the first time and will feature a graphical home page to take users directly to apps like Facebook. The operating system is also expected to feature an app store much the same as those found on smartphones. You can see the new look home screen on the graphic shown with this article.

The new operating system is expected to be formally released some time between July and December next year.

Sell-by dates axed – the Government has announced today that it is to remove the need for “sell-by dates” to appear on food packaging. The move is being introduced in a bid to stop the estimated £12 billion of food which is wasted every year in the UK.

It is hoped that the move will simplify the current food packaging rules in this country with the “display until” labels being removed as well as “sell-by”. This will mean that consumers will now just have “use by” and “best before” labels to consider when doing their food shopping.

“Use by” labels will be used on foods such as soft cheeses and fish where the food could be unsafe to eat after the date shown. “Best before” labels will be used on foods such as crisps, biscuits and tinned foods where the product will still be quite safe to eat but will no longer be at its best.

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), who produced the new guidelines in consultation with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), have estimated that 5.3 million tonnes of  perfectly edible food is thrown away every year in the UK.

To put this into context it is thought that the average UK household is throwing away £680 of perfectly good food every year. I am sure that we could all think of a better use for £680 than throwing it into the bin.

Scarlett Johansson – the curvy US actress and singer has called in the FBI after naked pictures of her appeared on the Internet.

Scarlett is shown lying topless in bed in one of the shots with the other photo showing her in the mirror taking a photo of herself in which you can see her backside. No official confirmation of the photos being of Scarlett has yet appeared although the fact that she has called in the FBI would seem to prove that the photos are genuine.

Scarlett is just the latest celebrity to have private naked photos of themselves appear online. Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Jessica Alba have all reported nude photo leaks to the FBI.

Scarlett is well-known here for her appearances in such movies as Lost In Translation, Girl With A Pearl Earring, Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Iron Man 2.

She has been seen in recent days filming around New York City for her latest part in the movie The Avengers. The film is expected to be released in the US in May next year and at present it is estimated to cost some $150 million to make. As well as Scarlett The Avengers features Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson and Mark Ruffalo.

The moral of this story is that if you are famous and take any sort of naked photo of yourself on your phone, there is a very good chance that someone, somewhere, at sometime will hack your phone and your private shots will be uploaded for all to see. As far as Scarlett is concerned if you look that good with your clothes off and have already shown some semi-nude shots in the past then why worry?


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