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Gary Barlow, Barclays Pingit – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 20 February 2012

Gary Barlow – the Take That star, songwriter and X Factor judge has announced that he and his wife are expecting their 4th child.

41-year old Gary and his 42-year old wife Dawn already have an 11-year old son and 2 daughters of 9 and 3-years old. After promising fans a news announcement Gary tweeted last night: “My wife and I are expecting our 4th child #Anotherowngoal.”

It looks like being a very big year for Gary as he is believed to be in talks to return as an X Factor judge for the next series after his big success last year and he is also in charge of organising the big concert at Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

As you might expect for such a popular chap he received a huge wave of congratulations messages from fans after making the announcement.

Gary and wife Dawn have been married since 2000 and met while she was working on Take That’s Nobody Else tour in 1995.

We doubt that there will be any worries about another mouth to feed as it is rumoured that ITV bosses are liking to be offering Gary an increase on his previous £1.5m X Factor contract after he proved so popular with audiences.

He certainly still seems to be ambitious as he later tweeted: ‘Next goal ‘Celebrity Dad of the Year’ #moveasideandre.’ This is obviously aimed at Peter Andre who won the Celebrity Dad of the Year award in 2010 beating both Gary and Jamie Oliver to the title.

Barclays Pingit  – this new smartphone money transfer app has proved very popular since being launched at the end of last week.

The bank believes they have got an important head start on their rivals by being the first major UK bank to enable its customers to transfer sums up to £300 by using their mobiles. As well as attracting new customers directly there is also scope for marketing customers of other banks as anyone receiving funds from a Pingit customer will have had to give out their mobile number so may well expect to get information on the bank and its products.

The app could be very useful if you have forgotten to go the Cashpoint before going out for the night and want to settle up with your friends for drinks or a meal. Although it is only able to be used to pay individuals at the moment it is expected that quite soon the app will be able to used to settle utility bills, pay shopping bills and donate sums to charity.

The new money transfer system looks to be joined soon by a number of rival apps as the other big banks are also thought to be working on similar money transmission schemes. Although we like to think that we are quite sophisticated with these type of things in the UK the truth is that a similar system has been running in parts of Africa for a few years. There are also mobile apps available to make payments for parking in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. As you might expect Japan is also ahead of us in the mobile payments game.

Aside from Pingit the other likely winner in the mobile payments game is NFC (Near Field Communication) although this does, much as the name suggest, require you to be nearby to the person or business you wish to pay. Many UK smartphones such as Samsung’s Galaxy are already equipped with NFC technology.

The big worry with apps like Pingit is security but Barclays has assured its 12m customers that the app is safe. Users need to enter a 5 digit password to make payments from their mobiles and if the phone is lost the bank details can be remotely wiped from the phone.


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Kara Tointon, Catherine Tate – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 19 October 2011

Kara Tointon – there has been talk of the romance between Kara and her last year Strictly series boyfriend Artem being on the rocks.

Artem has been spotted leaving the couple’s home, and is apparently staying with fellow pro dancer Robin Windsor.

An unknown source told the Sun “Artem left their new home and skulked off to Robin’s. The stress of the show has been getting to Artem as it’s a tough gig with numerous rehearsals that fill up his day. They’re a very passionate couple so when things flare up, they tend to flare up in a big way. Everyone is worried that the relationship is now doomed. It’s too premature to say they have split — but who knows what will happen?”

This does not fit in with a comment from Kara’s spokesperson who is insisting they are still very much an item.

Since she left Eastenders Kara has been playing the role of Eliza Doolittle in the West End production of Pygmalion to much critical acclaim.

Catherine Tate – the British comedienne is reportedly now dating Take That star Jason Orange.

The pair reportedly struck up a relationship after filming a short feature for Comic Relief which also featured comedians James Cordon as Gary Barlow and David Walliams as Howard Donald. The couple have been spotted on a string of dates in recent days.

A friend of Catherine’s said “they really enjoy each other’s company”. The pair were recently photographed in a Kensington coffee shop, near the Take That star’s home, and Jason was reportedly spotted sneaking out of Catherine’s south-west London residence on a Sunday morning.

Catherine  has a 9-year-old daughter with ex-partner Twig Clark, while Jason is the only member of Take That who has never married. Not yet anyway!

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