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RIta Ora Posts Topless Selfie To Celebrate Number 1 – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 11 May 2014

Rita Ora shows sideboob in topless selfieRIta Ora Posts Topless Selfie To Celebrate Number 1 – the 23-year old is clearly delighted her new single is top of the charts and has posted a topless selfie with the number 1 painted on her back in red.

Rita is definitely in the mood for showing off her body this weekend as the topless shot on Instagram shows a lot of sideboob as she is only wearing a black pair of Calvin Klein knickers. The celebratory photo is to mark I Will Never Let You Down getting to the top of the UK singles chart.

She posted the photo along with the comment:

#iwillneverletyoudown it’s because of you!! BOTS!!! Thank you #uvealwaysgotmybackLOL

The topless photo follows on from her weekend gig at G-A-Y where she stripped down to her underwear for the audience. She started off wearing a black mans suit with a white shirt and a pair of black Christian Louboutin boots. As her performance began she started stripping off the various layers she was wearing until she was left in just her white Calvin Klein underwear and the Louboutin boots. There was no doubt that she had reached the final layer of clothing as her nipples could clearly be seen through the white underwear as you can see from the photo below. Read the rest of this entry »

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Victoria Beckham Tells Vanity Fair No More Spice Girls – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 20 January 2014

Victoria Beckham leans back with nude legs and high heels in Vanity Fair photo 2014Victoria Beckham Tells Vanity Fair No More Spice Girls – Posh Spice is on the cover of this month’s Vanity Fair in Italy and Spain and inside she the mag she tells why she won’t be involved in any more Spice Girls reunions.

It’s no secret that VB was the least keen of all the Spice Girls to get involved with the reunion and it is believed that it was only husband David’s strong links with the London Olympics team that persuaded her to go with the reunion plan.

These days she is not only there for her young family, which now includes super cute 2-year old daughter Harper, but is also in charge of an ever-growing fashion empire. Read the rest of this entry »

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Holly Willoughby In Sexy LIngerie Photoshoot – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 11 October 2012

Holly Willoughby In Sexy New Photoshoot – the This Morning host has dropped her family friendly look for a hot new set of photos taken by top photographer Rankin for Hunger magazine.

She has dropped her usual yummy mummy look as seen on the morning sofa and can instead be seen in a black negligee, black stockings and some sexy Christian Louboutin heels.

Holly is probably best known for showing off the cleavage that won her the title of World’s Best Celebrity Cleavage this year but here she also shows us that she has a great pair of legs too.

She can also be seen in a vintage bathtub wearing a black leather corset and in another shot she is shown sitting on a table whilst wearing a little tank top with no bra underneath.

The photos were all taken by renowned fashion photographer Rankin who has previously worked with a huge list of famous people including the Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Lily Allen, David Bowie and The Queen. In case you were wondering if we don’t know his first name he is known professionally as Rankin but his real name is actually John Rankin Waddell.

As well as her raunchy set of photos for Hunger magazine Holly has another different set of photos released this week with the launch of her own range of clothing for Very which she has designed herself with the curvier figure in mind.

One shot shows the 31-year old mother of two channeling 40’s movie star Rita Hayworth in a stunning black backless dress. She completes the look with her blonde hair styled into loose waves whilst she is seen holding a vintage vacuum cleaner.

It is the 9th collection that Holly has designed for the company and a spokesperson said of the new range: “Holly has created her collection with curves in mind with dresses cut to perfectly hug and complement an hourglass figure and proves the perfect model for her own designs.”

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Alexandra Burke Is Single Again, Christian Louboutin’s Cosmetics Range

Alexandra Burke – it seems that the singer has finally ditched boyfriend Jermain Defoe after yet more accusations of him cheating on her.

Firstly it was model Laura Brown who Defoe cheated on her with and now nurse Kirsty Crummey has said that Defoe has slept with her too.

It seems the Spurs and England footballer is not dependable and Alexandra has had enough of his two-timing ways. She tried hard to forgive him after she found out about Laura but it seems that she was the only one trying to make the relationship work.

23-year old Alexandra is still best-known for winning the 5th series of X Factor back in 2008. After winning she released a cover of Leonard Cohen’s classic track Hallelujah as her first single and it took the record for most sales of a single in 24 hours in Europe, with a total of 105k copies sold on its first day of release. The single became the Christmas Number 1 for 2008 and went on to sell over 1m copies.

As well as her successful career in the music business in 2009 Alexandra also launched a new fashion line for Dolce & Gabbana after signing a six figure contract with them. As part of the deal she wore their clothes in her music videos. She also later launched her own clothing line with boy band JLS and the company 2KX sells both mens and womens clothing. The lines are clearly popular because as of today all the womens clothing available online is showing as having sold out.

On top of all this Alexandra is also very committed to a number of charities. She has helped to raise funds for many good causes including childhood leukemia charities, Breast Cancer Care, Help for Heroes and Save The Children.

Although there has been no direct comment by either Defoe or Alexandra about the break-up she did say yesterday via her Twitter account: ‘What don’t kill you, only makes you stronger.’

Christian Louboutin cosmetics – the current biggest name in footwear has announced that he is to launch a new range of cosmetics next year.

The 49-year old Frenchman, who is currently the subject of an exhibition at London’s Design Museum, will be collaborating with Batallure Beauty to create the range.

It is a natural move forward for Louboutin who was inspired by a bottle of red nail varnish when he decided to colour the soles of his stilettos with his now trademark red colouring.

Due to his high-profile in the fashion industry Louboutin had received a number of offers from companies keen to create a range of cosmetics with his name and involvement. Batallure Beauty are obviously delighted to be chosen by Louboutin to create the new range and their chairman said of the new range: “Wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes completely transforms a woman and Christian will bring that same transformative quality to women through his beauty products.”

Louboutin is also pleased to be finally launching a cosmetics range saying: “The beauty adventure is a natural extension for someone like me, who likes to empower women and to be a part of creating beauty seems like the right next step”

If he brings the same style to cosmetics as he has brought to footwear then we can look forward to some exciting products in the new range.

The move into cosmetics seems quite a popular one at the moment as only last month Marc Jacobs announced that he was entering the make-up market. He said that the cosmetics line would help to give people even more choice. Jacobs already has a fragrance range as well as selling clothing, bags, sunglasses and watches.


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Christian Louboutin Exhibition, What Sort Of Men Does Cameron Diaz LIke?

Christian Louboutin – a new exhibition of the cult designer shoes has opened at the Design Museum in London.

Louboitins have been seen on nearly every high-profile celebrity over the last few years and the exhibition celebrates 20 years of the iconic designs.

Christian Louboutin found himself in trouble last week when he described high heels as “pleasure with pain” and said that anyone who couldn’t take the pain of his heels shouldn’t wear them. At the preview to the new exhibition he seemed keen to provide further explanation of his remarks saying: “I am concerned with comfort. I know that it’s important but I don’t want to have this evoked in my design. My work is not about comfort but in the engineering of the shoes there’s something that makes them as comfortable as possible.”

The centrepiece of the new exhibition is a 3D holographic performance by one of his biggest fans, burlesque performer Dita Von Teese. In a 3 minute performance she appears to morph from the image of one of his stiletto designs and after one of her dance routines than morphs back into the image of the Louboutin heels.

The exhibition is sure to be very popular with the big number of Louboutin fans in the capital and features more than 200 pairs of Louboutin designs.

He shows that his inspirations include sex and showgirls and amongst the exhibits are shoes from his 2007 Fetish collection. Other influences on his designs include travel, art, movies and architecture.

Louboutin himself has said that he believes that every woman wants to be a showgirl and this seems to come out in many of his designs.

HIs trademark red soles have had an unexpected business benefit as the shoes have proved very popular in China where red is seen as a particularly lucky colour. The company opened a new store in Beijing last year in response to demand for their footwear in China.

The exhibition will show a pair of Louboutins from the first design stage right through to production. It will also show details of the company’s innovative store design.

The Christian Louboutin exhibition runs at the Design Museum until 09 July. Prices for the exhibition range from £6 for students up to £104 for an adult including the special 340 page Louboutin book with colour illustrations.

Cameron Diaz – the US actress has been talking about how British men appeal to her.

In a feature for Harper’s Bazaar she says that finds British men to be charming and chivalrous, qualities that she says American men are lacking.

“I love [British men’s] sense of humour and the sense of chivalry and charm. It’s something that is innately a part of the culture – it’s not the same in America.”

It seems that her favourite example of British manhood is King’s Speech actor Colin Firth. She says of the actor: “He’s the perfect Englishman. Just enough of the self-effacing to a point that it’s comfortable for other people, but also totally charming and engaging to where he makes you feel special. He’s got that British honesty.”

Although she speaks highly of British men it is not the only thing that she likes about the UK: “I love London. I love the Brits, I always have. I have a weak spot for them. I grew up on Monty Python. I love Little Britain. My grandfather used to watch Benny Hill all the time.”

Cameron is well-known for roles in many movies including My Best Friend’s Wedding, There’s Something About Mary, Charlie’s Angel and Shrek. She has also received critical acclaim for her performances in such movies as Being John Malkovich and Vanilla Sky.

Her next movie is the rom-com ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’ which also stars Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks and Matthew Morrison as well as featuring a cameo performance from Cheryl Cole, who stars as a talent show judge.

The full interview with Cameron Diaz can be read in the June edition of Harper’s Bazaar which is out this Thursday, 03 May.


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Lion Paw Shoes, X Factor – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 12 November 2011

Lion paw shoes – these designer shoes come from Christian Louboutin and are officially known as Alex heels.

The stiletto shoes, which are part of the label’s autumn/winter 2011 collection, are created to look like lion’s paws even to the point of having fur.

Sarah Jessica Parker wore the heels back in late August at the I Don’t Know How She Does It premiere in Moscow, but her red floor length Giambattista Valli couture gown masked her shoes. It was up to Blake Lively on the set of Gossip Girl to show off the shoes to their full potential. Styled by Eric Daman, Lively -who plays Serena van der Woodsen in the hit US TV series – wore a pair of brown leather trousers and an oversized shawl cardigan while filming in New York.

The front of the shoe is split into four ‘toes’ with black embellished claws and brown fur. The heel of the stiletto not only shows a dash of the signature Louboutin red but it is also set with yellow pave crystals. They may well be stylish, they may well have attracted a lot of interest from celebrities but at £3195 they are certainly not cheap.

If the price hasn’t put you off the shoes can be bought from Christian Louboutin at 17 Mount Street, London.

X Factor delay – fans were left waiting for part of tonight’s show after the classic “technical difficulties” reared their ugly head.

The only comments available so far are: “X Factor fans were left furious after the Saturday night live show was delayed by 15 minutes – due to technical difficulties.

Thousands of people took to social networking website Twitter to voice their anger as producers were forced to air footage of the ITV talent contest’s initial auditions in place of the scheduled programme.”


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