Big Bang Bernadette’s New Sexy Movie

02 Feb

Big Bang Bernadette in sexy Maxim shoot showing big boobs and posing wth a big snake. Melissa RauchThe Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch, better known to us as Bernadette, will soon be on view on the big screen in a new movie that promises to have some of the most athletic sex scenes ever filmed.

Melissa plays the part of gymnast Hope Annabelle Greggory in The Bronze who not only has a thing for “very” athletic sex sessions (cartwheels and handstands are involved) but she also has a much dirtier mouth than Melissa’s normal on-screen character of Bernadette.

Melissa seems keen to make the most of not only her new-found celebrity status but is also using her large BBT salary as a way of appearing in some more arty and low-budget movies that obviously don’t have the Big Bucks of Big Bang.

There is one particular scene in The Bronze that looks likely to become somewhat infamous and it has already been described by some (IBTimes) as the raunchiest sex scene in movie history. Now we haven’t yet seen the movie but we do have a sneaking suspicion that this might turn out to be a typo or the work of the dreaded auto-correct and the headline was actually meant to be the raunchiest sex scene in movie history!

One thing for sure is that the gymnastic scenes in The Bronze were not actually performed by Melissa but by a stunt double. Apparently according to Melissa this was because most gymnasts don’t have a chest. Anyone who has seen Melissa’s scenes in BBT or looked at her recent Maxim photo spread will be able to confirm that this is not something that can be said about her.

The Bronze, which was co-written by Melissa and her husband Winston, was premiered at the Sundance and received good reviews. Variety referred to Melissa’s character as being a “sort of Tonya Harding of the pommel horse” and said that the main sex scene in the movie was so shocking it “threatened to overshadow the film itself.”

Melissa herself said of the scene “you just write what you know.”

There is no date confirmed yet for The Bronze’s UK cinema release although we can bet that all fans of BBT will be sure to go and see the movie to catch Bernadette in some very different shots.

According to Variety we are also going to see a new tv comedy pilot soon from Melissa and her husband. The new show, called If We’re Not Married By 30, is to air on CBS. There is no word yet if the new comedy is to feature any of Melissa’s Big Bang Theory co-stars but if the pilot is taken up and turns into a series we would be surprised if she doesn’t get a few guest appearances from the BBT cast written into the series.


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