Kristina Rihanoff Too Hot For Strictly Bosses

27 Sep

Sexy Strictly dancer Kristina Rihanoff is too hot to be paired with married menKristina Rihanoff Too Hot For Strictly Bosses – the sexy Siberian dance professional has apparently been told that she is no longer to be paired with any married men as she is just too sexy for them to resist!

One of her former professional partners has also been speaking to explain that he had to end their partnership as she was just “too provocative.”

Dancer Michael Wetnik told the Daily Mirror that Kristina was jus too sexual and he could not carry on their partnership,

He described her very provocative clothing and said of her ‘Kristina is like a wild cat on the dance floor and I simply found it all too much.’

Bearing in mind that this is a professional dancer who is used to having sexy women not wearing very much and throwing themselves around the dancefloor one can only imagine the impact that dancing with Kristina would have on a non dance professional.

After affairs with Vincent Simone. Joe Calzaghe and now being mentioned in connection with the end of the marriage of her last year’s partner Ben Cohen BBC bosses are taking no chances and have apparently insisted that in future Kristina is only paired off with single men.

Kristina’s reputation as a passionate woman was even further enhanced last week after her encounter with a press journalist in a London bar. The dancer was said to be more than a little upset at a Daily Mirror reporter after the paper had printed a photo of her and Ben Cohen looking cosy on a London tube train. Kristina was said to have had a go at the reporter and refused to pay her bar bill until such time as the hotel threw the reporter out.

This unwanted bit of publicity got Kristina an audience with the show’s bosses and she will have to watch her behaviour in future although being paired with a single man in the shape of former Blue singer Simon Webbe will take the pressure off.

The pair had a pretty good start to their Strictly campaign tonight but it still looks like the frontrunners for this year’s series are The Saturday’s Frankie Bridge and singer Pixie Lott.



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