Woman Has Operation To Get 3 Breasts, Really?

22 Sep
Jasmine Tridevil

Jasmine Tridevil

Woman Has Operation To Get 3 Breasts, Really? – a 21-year old woman from Florida has apparently had plastic surgery to give herself 3 breasts, because she wants to make herself unattractive to men and because she is looking to get her reality show on MTV. These 2 reasosns may not appear in the correct order!

Jasmine Tridevil (unsurprisingly not her real name) is a massage therapist from Tampa Bay who says that she had to contact almost 60 plastic surgeons before she could find one willing to operate on her.

Speaking to local Florida radio station Real Radio Jasmine explained:

My whole dream is to get this show on MTV. I got it (the operation) because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men. Because I don’t want to date anymore… Most guys would think [the extra breast is] weird and gross but I can still feel pretty because if I wore makeup and cute clothes, I can still, you know… feel pretty.’

‘I’m dumping every penny I have into this. If this doesn’t work, I’m through.’

Lycia Naff in Total Recall (1990)

Lycia Naff in Total Recall (1990)

It looks as though Jasmine is certainly getting plenty of publicity for her possible new venture and as well as a number of newspaper and magazine interviews that have been lined up she is, according to her Facebook page, also due to appear on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! show.

So the whole reality tv show thing might be moving forward but what about that extra breast putting men off? Well there is plenty of tv and movie evidence that would say Jasmine is way off if she thinks the whole you can have too  much of a good thing argument is going to work with most men.

In 1990’s Total Recall actress Lycia Naff played the part of Mary, a character the actress has described as the “triple-breasted hooker from Mars.” Despite the character only appearing on-screen for less than 30 seconds it is one of the most memorable and often-quoted parts of the movie. In fact when promoting the 2012 remake of Total recall it was actress Kaitlyn Leeb, playing the three-breasted woman, who was chosen for the majority of the movie’s publicity despite the fact that the movie also starred Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Colin Farrell and Bryan Cranston.

Television has also seen some 3-breasted action with Katy Mixon, who plays Victoria in Mike and Molly, adding an extra boob for her Halloween costume in the show’s Season 2 Happy Halloween episode.




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