The Thigh Gap Becoming Most Talked About Body Feature

18 Sep
Beyonce showing thigh gap

Beyonce showing thigh gap

The Thigh Gap Becoming Most Talked About Body Feature – there has been much talk about allegedly Photoshopped thigh gaps appearing in different celebrity Instagram postings over the last few weeks and months so what exactly is it all about?

Well, for some strange reason it seems that many celebrities are desperate to show their fans and indeed the world that they have a gap between their things all the way to the top of their legs.If you look at some of the images of women who show this sort of thigh gap then they appear to be extremely skinny indeed.

One of the most talked about women in the recent “thigh gap” discussion is Beyonce who has been accused of doctoring 2 recent selfie images to show a thigh gap. What we can’t quite understand is why a woman who used to be loved for her curves would want to get so skinny as to lose a lot of her natural shape.

Interestingly the thigh gap seems to be something that the fashion industry is promoting and it certainly doesn’t seem to have the backing of any men who not surprisingly appear to want a woman with some shape and even those who prefer their girls on the slimmer side seem to not rate the thigh gap as high up on their wish list.

Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak

One of the world’s most famous models even has a parody Twitter account in honour of her thigh gap with Cara’s Thigh Gap having over 5k followers and Cara Delevingne even talking about it in some of her interviews. Just as you might expect for a site that has quite quickly gained so many followers some other similar sites are starting to appear now including one devoted to Miley Cyrus and her thigh gap.

As well as Beyonce’s Instagram photos causing a lot of comment with many people commenting that she appeared to have Photoshopped in a thigh gap, US reality tv star Kim Zolciak has also been accused of doctoring her Instagram photos in a post this week. Zolciak was wearing a swimsuit to show off her new body after a new set of plastic surgery procedures. The first photo revealed the “Don’t Be Tardy” star’s perky new boobs but it was the 2nd photo showing her rear that caused all the online comments with many observing that the gap looked unnatural and looked to have been Photoshopped.

The comments caused Zolciak to go into something of a social media meltdown today with a long profanity filled posting letting everyone know that she was less than amused by the comments and that she completely denied the photos had been doctored.

Our final word on the subject is that most women are probably unable to achieve a thigh gap without a surgical procedure and in any event the look is more reminiscent of a pre-pubescent girl or somebody very underweight. We doubt there are many men who look at a photo of a woman and say “look at the thigh gap on her!”




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