Susanna Reid Puts Her Cleavage On Show To Help Boost Ratings – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 10 September 2014

10 Sep

Susanna Reid flashes her boobs in low cut blue lace dress from ASDA on ITV breakfast showSusanna Reid Puts Her Cleavage On Show To Help Boost Ratings – the tv presenter has always had a lot of fans who tune in to see if this is the morning for another Susanna wardrobe malfunction to brighten their breakfast time viewing. Now it seems that she is bringing some of her BBC breakfast glamour back to help her ITV breakfast show’s poor ratings.

Despite just getting a show of support from ITV we can’t imagine either they or Susanna herself are pleased with the current ratings for her early morning show. She has allegedly been told to change a few things to improve ratings and her clothing is said to be under intense scrutiny with calls for brighter colours.

We are guessing that the show’s bosses will be delighted with the reactions that Susanna’s outfit got this morning with lots of positive comments on social media and the focus in the press on the presenter’s cleavage and legs rather than her falling ratings.

It was revealed later that the attractive blue lace dress that Susanna was wearing on the sofa this morning was actually from supermarket retailer ASDA and cost just £40 from their George at Asda range. We can’t think that the purchase made much of a dent in Susanna’s reported £400k salary for her breakfast show job.

Despite being very pleased to poach the BBC’s top female presenter things have not gone that smoothly for the new show with ratings dropping from an initial 800k to just 530k viewers. With pictures like this we are pretty sure that things may just start to pick up all round.

The show is said to be below the level of audience share it needs to survive at present with the viewing figures giving a market share of just 13% not enough to please the ITV bosses who want at least 15% to keep things going and attract enough advertising revenue.

Perhaps if Susanna adds in the odd knicker flash as she did on at least of couple of times during her stint on BBC’s Breakfast show then that might just bring enough of an audience back to reach that 15% barrier?

There has been no mention of a new man in the glamorous tv presenter’s life since she split up with her long-term partner  Dominic Cotton back in February. At the time the split was described as another instance of the “curse of Strictly” after several relationships didn’t survive one of the parties spending months locked up in a training room in close contact with an attractive dance professional.



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