Is GTA V Character Lacey Jonas Really Based On Lindsay Lohan? – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 27 August 2014

27 Aug
GTA V's Lacey Jonas - Lohan, Upton or Welinder?

GTA V’s Lacey Jonas – Lohan, Upton or Welinder?

Is GTA V Character Lacey Jonas Really Based On Lindsay Lohan? – the case was rumoured by several people late last year but now court papers released in NY yesterday confirm that Lindsay Lohan is suing the makers of Grand Theft Auto V claiming that the game’s Lacey Jonas is based on her.

The case was brought to court last month with Lohan claiming that the character of Lacey Jonas is based on her voice, image and style. Take Two Interactive Software and subsidiary company Rockstar Games are claiming that the only resemblance between Jones and Lohan is that they are both young blonde women.

GTA’s Wiki entry for Lacey Jonas states that she is a famous actress and a minor character in the game, who appears in the game event Escape Paparazzi. Jonas is seen to frequent a hotel which is said to strongly resemble the Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard. This is of course the hotel that wrote Lohan a letter in July 2012 pointing out that she owed them over $46k from the time she had stayed at the hotel’s Suite 33 for several weeks.

Lindsay Lohan  - breast and nipple wardrobe malfunction

Lohan suffering another wardrobe malfunction

GTA V’s makers claim that Lohan is just trying to get some cheap publicity for herself and have asked that the case is thrown out of court and she covers all the legal fees they have accrued so far. The have described the case brought by Lohan and her lawyers as “frivolous” and have even put in writing that they think it was “filed for publicity purposes.”

From Lohan’s side they are trying to say that not only does the Lacey Jonas character look like her and hang around in the same places as her but the resemblance even goes as far as wearing the same style of hats, sunglasses and jean shorts as her.

One link that Lohan and her lawyers are not trying to make is that she lives at the same address as her supposed on-screen lookalike as in GTA V Lacey Jonas lives at Whispymound Drive in the Vinewood Hills district of Los Santos.

Whatever the court decides it has not been that clear to some GTA V fans exactly who Lacey Jonas is meant to look like with some gamers saying that they can see a resemblance to Kate Upton whilst UK model Shelby Welinder seemed to confirm that she was actually the girl behind the onscreen Jonas in a 2012 interview. In fact she even posted a copy of her paycheck for the GTA V job online to convince those people who didn’t believe her.

We are sure there is plenty of mileage in this story and in the absence of any major movie roles we hope Lindsay puts in a good performance if she makes an appearance in court.



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