Multiple Celebrity Break-Ups On The Way – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 20 August 2014

20 Aug


Multiple Celebrity Break-Ups On The Way – there have been a number of media reports in the last few hours that seem to signal we are about to witness a lot of high-profile celebrity marriage and relationship splits.

Widely reported in the media is the fact that Beyonce is alleged to be seeking advice from her pal Gwyneth Paltrow (her of the conscious uncoupling from husband Chris Martin) to help her deal with what is being described in many places as an imminent split from her husband Jay Z.

According to US Weekly and other publications Beyonce is said to have been impressed at the civilized way in which her friend managed to bring her marriage to an end and is looking for some help to do the same thing herself. Incidentally in the last day or so it has been confirmed that Chris Martin is now dating a younger Oscar-winner than his ex-wife in the form of Silver Linings Playbook star Jennifer Lawrence.

No sooner had we finished reading about the possible break up of the Beyonce/Jay Z marriage than we hear that Mariah Carey is rumoured to be living apart from her husband Nick Cannon.

According to In Touch the couple’s 6-year marriage is said to be in serious trouble with the magazine saying that they are currently having a trial separation. Mariah would potentially have a lot to lose if things end badly as she has an estimated fortune of around half a billion dollars. Nick has a considerably more modest personal wealth.

As well as the rumoured trial separation social media is also being used as further evidence that things are not good between the pair. They have normally posted a number of “touch-feely” type Twitter and Instagram posts every week or so but there has been nothing of this sort of posting made on any of Mariah or Nick’s social media accounts for a number of months now.

Also adding to the lost of relationships going bad is that between actress Meg Ryan and musician John Mellencamp. After a seemingly very close relationship over the last 3 years Closer Weekly is quoting a source as saying that the pair actually finished their relationship a couple of weeks ago. The mag is citing 2 possible reasons for the split. Although Meg has been involved in several high-profile relationships (Dennis Quaid, Russell Crowe) Mellencamp has always sought a quieter life away from the media spotlight and has not previously been involved with anyone famous.

Closer Weekly also suggest that there may have been a geographic problem as John’s home is in Indiana while Meg is a longtime New York resident where she and both her children have happily settled.

It certainly looks like we will be looking at several weeks or months of celebrities locked in rooms with lawyers battling over cash, planes, cars, houses and visitation rights to children. Let’s hope that when Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing With The Stars both start in a few weeks time we get to have a few dance-based romances to cheer us all up.

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