Lily Allen Has Nipslip Wardrobe Malfunction At V Festival – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 17 August 2014

17 Aug

Lily Allen has nipslip wardrobe malfunction at V FestivalLily Allen Has Nipslip Wardrobe Malfunction At V Festival – the 29-year old singer had a revealing time on stage today during her set at the V Festival in Chelmsford.

She was wearing the same silver jumpsuit that she wore during her time on the Miley Cyrus Bangerz tour that has just finished. You might think that after so many hours on stage she would be aware that it is a little dangerous to wear the outfit without a bra when it is unzipped so low. Apparently not, or maybe Lily just doesn’t care?

As well as her silver jumpsuit Lily’s look also featured a pair of glittery pink sunglasses and she was wearing her dyed red hair in 2 French plaits.

In recent days Lily has been the subject of some speculation as regards the state of her marriage to Sam Cooper as she was spotted out with a former boyfriend (Seb Chew) and didn’t appear to be wearing a wedding ring at the time.

Lily countered the speculation last Friday by posting a photo on Instagram that showed her wearing both her wedding ring and her engagement ring.

The singer clearly is not one to take herself too seriously as far removed from many of the pretentious comments made by some singers on their social media sites the “Smile” hitmaker describes herself on her Instagram account as a “Professional Show Off.”

Apart from featuring many sightings of the singer’s body, Lily’s set today featured a good number of her hit songs and was very well received by the V Festival crowd. The staging was a little unusual as she was singing whilst surrounded by a number of giant baby bottles.

Lily’s outfit for today’s performance was a lot different to the one that she wore for yesterday’s V Festival set which comprised a bright red bandana top matched with a pair of ripped denim shorts.

Lily is clearly enjoying her singing career at the moment as when she touched down back in the UK after returning from her long stint on the Miley Cyrus Bagerz tour she said that she was straight on her way to the recording studio.No news yet on what the new album will be called on what it will be like. She has only just released her Sheezus album back in May this year.

All this enthusiasm for making records is a long way from where she was feeling in 2009 when Lily announced that she had no plans to make another record and was considering a career in acting.

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