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11 Aug
Carmen Electra to play Katie Price in new movie?

Carmen Electra to play Katie Price in new movie?

Katie Price The Movie – it seems that the fact that the former model and author has a personal life that looks like it has come from the plot of a movie has now meant that her real life story may actually be made into a Hollywood movie.

The Daily Mail is reporting today that Katie, still known to many as former glamour model Jordan, is in talks with the American publishing company Simon & Schuster to adapt her series of autobiographies into a movie.

They believe that her real life escapades with 3 husbands (so far!) and several high-profile lovers will make for good big screen fun for cinema goers and, they hope, big box-office returns.

They quote a source as saying ‘Katie’s been through a hell of a lot in her thirty-six years, but she was clever to document it all down in her books. They’re always great sellers and now they can form the basis for a film of her life.

‘The publishers think there will be a great appetite to watch a dramatisation of Katie’s crazy life and they’re so keen to get her on board, they’re talking about a hefty pay cheque to go with it.’

The source also reveals that Katie doesn’t want to star in the movie herself but has just the right person in mind to play her on-screen. Apparently she is keen that Carmen Electra is chosen to play her in the new movie. On paper it seems strange that a 36-year old would want to be portrayed in a Hollywood movie of her life by a woman who is 6 years older than her but that is not such a valid argument when you see what such great shape 42-year old Carmen is in.

Carmen and Katie in Loaded Sept 2005

Carmen and Katie in Loaded Sept 2005

Although she has appeared in a number of tv programmes and films over the years Carmen is best-known for her numerous Playboy magazine appearances (5 in total) and her role in Baywatch (appearing as Leilani “Lani” McKenzie). Like Katie, Carmen has also had her fair share of high-profile romances and has been linked to Pamela Anderson’s ex, Tommy Lee, basketball bad-boy Dennis Rodman (who she married in 1998), Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst and in recent years she had a well-publicized fling with Simon Cowell.

Katie met Carmen some years ago when they were both on the same photoshoot for a feature in Loaded magazine (the September 2005 issue if you are looking out for a copy).

Carmen obviously made a big impression on the former model when they met back in 2005 as last month Katie announced in Now magazine that she was thinking of naming her at that time unborn daughter after her. ‘She’s still the ultimate professional in modelling. I like Electra as a possible name for my baby.’

It may be a little while before any further news on a Katie Price movie comes along because as Katie herself says there is so much drama in he life there may well be some more interesting episodes yet to come. ‘I can’t wait to make a film. Every year I say I’ll do it when I think things are going normal – then another drama comes along. I might as well do it in a few years’ time because there’s bound to be more dramas.’

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