Helen Flanagan Poses For Photos In FHM – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 7 August 2014

07 Aug

Helen Flanagan shows boobs in sexy smokin hot FHM photosHelen Flanagan Poses For Photos In FHM –  the former Coronation Street star is the FHM cover girl this month in what the magazine describes as a ‘smokin hot’ photo feature.

The actress is actually 24 years old today and seems more than happy to celebrate her birthday by showing us all what great shape she is in with this sexy set of FHM photos.

One of the most revealing photos shows Helen leaning back in a classic Mustang with her tiny shorts unzipped and partly pulled down and her top riding up showing most of her boobs.

The classic red Mustang also features in another couple of photos in the set with Helen posing in a black and white striped leotard that is partly removed and sitting on the car’s bonnet with another shot seeing her in the same leotard bending over the boot of the car while she pouts at the camera and thrusts her bum proudly out.

Helen Flanagan shows bum in little pink knickers - FHMThe actress’s rear is centre stage in another photo which shows her wearing a tiny pair of pink knickers and some black heels as she turns to look at the camera over her shoulder from her position on a dusty Mediterranean road.

In the interview with FHM Helen talks about her plans to marry her boyfriend Scott Sinclair.Scott is very protective of me. It seems that the pair are both keen on a beach ceremony although we shouldn’t look out for a date any time soon as they both seem to want children before they get married. Helen says ‘I have always liked the idea of having your children at your wedding.’

The subject of that rumoured big Celebrity Big Brother paycheck also comes up as Helen reveals that her boyfriend Scott was not keen on her taking up the offer as he feared that it might be too stressful for her. ‘Scott is very protective of me.’

Helen also talks about her fondness for lingerie saying that she is very keen to design her own lingerie range. We are sure that there are plenty of lingerie companies who would be keen to have the actress involved with the launch of a new range. Whether she is fishing or actually already has a deal we are not sure but Helen uses the article to talk at length about her fondness for the Agent Provocateur lingerie line. She calls their range both classy and provocative saying ‘It’s really inspired me. I literally have the entire Agent Provocateur collection. I own everything they have.’

This month’s issue of FHM is just out to but in newsagents or as always you can purchase and download a copy direct from their website.



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