Helen Mirren 69 Likes A Good Spanking – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 5 August 2014

05 Aug

Helen Mirren sexy older woman showing cleavage in silk gownHelen Mirren 69 Likes A Good Spanking – our coolest and hottest Dame has been talking on Jimmy Fallon’s 100th edition of the Tonight Show about her views on  Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Helen said: ‘Whips and chains are not my style, but who doesn’t enjoy a jolly good spanking once in a while?’

The question came up as part of the Tonight Show sketch feature “Mirror, Mirror” which sees Fallon ask a mirror, behind which is Mirren, a series of questions. As well as the 50 Shades bondage question Fallon also asked the actress what her favourite movie was to which she replied ‘Sharknado.’

Other gems of information include the fact that Dame Helen is a keen Subway sandwich fan revealing ‘My motto in life is you can never go wrong by treating yourself to a nice foot long.’

Fallon is clearly a big fan of Mirren’s describing her as “gorgeous” during his introduction. She certainly looked great and as ever was tons of fun and keen to enjoy her time on the show. She has always been a good subject to interview both on tv and in print and often provides the interviewer with very honest answers. How Michael Parkinson must wish he had picked her as his guest in 2003 instead of Meg Ryan.

Helen Mirren has admitted to feeling uncomfortable about the red bikini photos from her Italian break a few years ago which won her the title of best body of the year. She has tried to play down just how great she looked in the unstaged photos saying that she was just caught at a flattering angle. For anyone wondering how she can still look so hot at the age of 69-years old she has said that some of her fitness secrets include playing games on her Nintendo Wii and making sure she eats well and gets a good nights sleep. In fact for a while in the US Helen was actually seen advertising the Wii Fit. However when she feels she is getting out of shape Helen’s top tip for getting back in shape is the 12-minute set of exercises designed for the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Although she is a superb actor (she is an Academy Award winner amongst many other prizes and awards) part of Helen’s appeal throughout her career has been her undoubted sex appeal. She said of the early part of her career in an interview with The Independent in 2001 ‘I think for a long time it was very hard for people to see past my physical outward appearance. I was a blonde girl with big tits. I hated that image. It was so uncomfortable for me, and distasteful.’

Helen Mirren can be seen in her latest movie, the comedy drama The Hundred Foot Journey, at cinemas in the US from this Friday 8 August. The movie, which was produced by Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg, opens in UK cinemas on 5 September. The movie’s soundtrack comes from the pen of A.R. Rahman, the master of Bollywood soundtracks aka “The Mozart of Madras.”



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