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03 Aug

Beyonce in black see-through dress at pre-Superbowl eventBeyonce and Jay Z To Split? – according to a post on The New York Post’s Page Six the music world’s most powerful and celebrated marriage is in big big trouble.

Beyonce and Jay Z are currently travelling the US as part of their $100m On The Run world tour. However far from putting on a display of happy families it seems that things have gone a little sour for the pair as it is reported they are staying in separate hotels and don’t even arrive together before each show.

The tour is in Pasadena tonight for its 2nd night at the city’s famous Rose Bowl. After tonight’s show the tour then moves on to San Francisco for 2 shows on the 5th and 6th at the AT&T Park. However the report in Page Six doesn’t seem too certain that they will get that far with their source quoted as saying ‘This may not make it to San Francisco .I’m definitely not sure that they’ll make it to Paris.’

As you can see from the above quote the San Francisco shows are not the end of the road for the On The Run tour as they are scheduled to finish off their run of concerts with 2 performances in September at the Stade de France in Paris.

Things do appear to have gone wrong very quickly on this tour as just back in late June their Cincinnati concert got the following review from a New Pittsburgh Courier journalist. ‘The duo has proven numerous times that their union, professionally and personally, is unstoppable.’

There are many people with lots to gain or lose with this tour as Forbes estimated earlier in the year that if you look at the average gross made per show the On The Run tour is heading to be the 2nd most successful of all-time just behind U2’s 360 tour from 2009-11 which grossed over $6m per show compared to On The Run’s expected $5m per show.

With so much on the line it is no surprise that a number of advisers and lawyers have now joined the tour. According to Page Six at least 4 lawyers joined Beyonce, Jay Z, HBO and the concert promoter Live Nation for an emergency meeting at the end of last week. It is being reported that the lawyers and promoters wanted to put out an official statement but both Beyonce and Jay Z declined as they couldn’t agree on what to say.

The source said that one of the problems in the marriage is Jay Z’s controlling nature and that even at this stage he won’t back off.

‘They’ve had discussions lately about the inevitable sit-down interview when they finally do split, and Jay’s been adamant that he doesn’t want Beyoncé sitting down with Barbara Walters or Oprah Winfrey pretending to be the victim’  said the source.

As well as all the money tied up in the current tour there is also the matter of the pair’s own considerable fortunes. It is estimated that Beyonce is worth around $300m with her husband said to be worth even more at around $550m.

Although there is no clue as to what Beyonce is looking for Jay Z is said to be very keen to save the marriage and is hoping to have a further child to provide a brother or sister for Blue Ivy. He apparently plans to try to arrange a 4 or 5 week break between the end of the US leg of the tour and the final Paris dates to work things out with his wife.

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