Lieutenant Uhura Poses Nude For Women’s Health Magazine – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 30 July 2014

30 Jul

Star Trek actress Zoe Saldana naked photo for WH magazine. Lieutenant Uhura.Lieutenant Uhura Poses Nude For Women’s Health Magazine – Zoe Saldana is featured posing completely naked in this month’s special edition of Women’s Health magazine.

The 36-year old actress is known for playing the part of Star Trek’s Lieutenant Uhura in the 2009 movie and its 2013 sequel Star Trek Into Darkness. You may also recognise her from other huge hits such as Avatar (2009) where she played the role of Neytiri and 2003’s Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl where she played Anamaria, a female pirate.

Zoe is currently promoting her latest movie Guardians of the Galaxy, in which she plays Gamora, a superheroine who is a martial arts expert. The movie is due for release tomorrow.

In the WH interview Zoe talks about her early training as a dancer and how she now feels much less athletic than back when she was training for many hours a day.

Zoe said that when she was younger she was: ‘Running, legs and ab work, and just doing the routine again and again. This past year I’ve had to start letting go. My body dictated it as if saying, ‘Slow the f**k down!’ …And I struggle with that. I love to be an athlete.’

The naked photos and interview took place a few weeks ago in LA and since that time it has been revealed that Zoe is pregnant with her and husband Marco Perego’s first child.

The role of Lieutenant Uhura is a significant one for African-American actors as it is generally acknowledged as being the first role where an African-American character was shown as being at the same level as their white counterparts. In fact when the original Lieutenant Uhura, Nichelle Nichols, spoke to Dr Martin Luther KIng her inspired her to stay in her role on the show saying to her:

‘You are our image of where we’re going, you’re 300 years from now, and that means that’s where we are and it takes place now. Keep doing what you’re doing, you are our inspiration.’

As well as both playing the role of Lieutenant Uhura in Star Trek Zoe and Nichelle now have something else in common. Back in the 1960s the original Lieutenant Uhura posed nude for Playboy in an issue that now commands a premium price.

Zoe is obviously pleased with her WH photo feature and posted to her Twitter followers:

The special Women’s Health September edition, which also features a nude photo of former Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh, is on sale from today.

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