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19 Jul

Kaley Cuoco posing in black nightie with no braMegabucks For Big Bang Theory Cast Or No More Episodes – it seems that despite agreeing The Big Bang Theory up to Season 10 CBS might have problems as none of the main cast members have signed new contracts and it is getting very near to the filming dates for Season 8.

It is thought that Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki were all on $350k per episode for the last season of the show and with the popularity of the show at an all-time high it is thought that they are looking for a pay raise to around $1m per episode before filming resumes.

The BBT cast members clearly are students of economics as the laws of supply and demand are clearly on their side when it comes to negotiating a huge pay increase. Advertising revenues for the show are likely to greatly outweigh the money paid to the cast. Rates from the last season worked out at over $320k per advert so even without the fact that CBS have sold the series to just about every country in the world you can see it’s a big money spinner for them.

Although BBT is easily the most expensive comedy or drama series per ad slot it still has some way to go to be the most expensive as slot on US tv. Anyone wanting to but an advertising slot during NBC’s Sunday Night Football show will have to shell out a huge $570k.

Don’t forget of course that in addition to the ad revenues and franchise deals the show brings in there also some fairly hefty sums of money that are raised by box-set sales.

It is practically inconceivable that The Big Bang Theory would seem the same without any of the major characters so we think that Kaley and the rest of the crew are on a pretty safe bet pushing for the extra cash considering just how popular the show has become. In fact probably the only show in recent years that has been as popular and had as well-known a cast was Friends and for the 10th and final season of that show all the main cast members received a salary of $1m per episode and that was back in 2003.

The only comedy series actor who is thought to have done better than this is Kelsey Grammer who ended up getting around $1.65m per episode for his series Frasier including the fee he received as the show’s producer.

Things are looking a little tight on time for the show’s production team as the 8th season of BBT is due to start filming on 30 July. Due to the way that their contracts were negotiated there are in fact 2 of the cast who are still under contract and they are the newest regular members Melissa Rauch Bernadette) and Mayim Bialik (Amy).



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