How Elle ‘The Body” Macpherson Still Looks Hot At 50 – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 18 July 2014

18 Jul

Elle The Body Macpherson 50 years old shows off body in tiny bikini. Boobs escaping from top.How Elle ‘The Body” Macpherson Still Looks Hot At 50 – the supermodel may be 50-years old now but she still looks in fantastic shape as is witnessed by these photos of her on holiday in Sardinia.

It is some years now since Elle first graced the cover of Sports Illustrated and earned herself the nickname “The Body” but she is certainly not sitting back and thinking that her career is over. If anything she may even be slimmer than she was in her heyday and she has been sharing the secret to looking so good.

It seems like many celebrities Elle is a huge fan of green health drinks and her own favourite has a secret ingredient that has now been made available to the public. Elle has been working on her nutritional needs with top fitness expert James Duigan of Clean and Lean fame and she is now selling the preparation she has called “Super Elixir.”

Super Elixir, which is sold through Elle’s company Welleco, has 45 special health giving ingredients and works to alkalise the body. It seems most people’s bodies have become acidic due to the sort of things they eat these days and the green alkalising powder is what Elle and her team seem to think we need to make things right.

Despite being expensive to buy the Super Elixir quickly sold out when it was introduced to the customers of Selfridges store in London and the re-order quickly did the same. If you are looking to a quick route to a body like “The Body” then a 300g size pack of Super Elixir will set you back £98.

It would be hard to think of a better advert for the new product than these photos of Elle sunning herself on her luxury yacht moored off the coast of Sardinia. In fact we reckon she could probably get a tax rebate on the cost of running that yacht for a week.It would not be worthwhile getting a rebate on the bikinis she has worn on the trip as they must rank as some of the tiniest ever worn by a 50-year old woman.

There are plenty of other Hollywood stars who swear by the benefits of drinking these sort of green health drinks. Some of the women most often found with a green drink in their hand are Gwyneth Paltrow, Debra Messing, Salma Hayek, Bethenny Frankel, Anne Hathaway, Drew Barrymore  and Kate Upton.




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