Nicki Minaj Shows Off Cleavage At 4th July Performance – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 5 July 2014

05 Jul

Nicki Minaj shows off great boobs in 4th July showNicki Minaj Shows Off Cleavage At 4th July Performance – the rapper celebrated 4th July this year by wearing a top that revealed her cleavage to everyone watching the special Philadelphia gig she was performing at.

Nicki was one of the acts performing at the Philly 4th of July Jam, which was simulcast live from the Parkway, Philadelphia. First on stage were The Roots and other acts included Jennifer Hudson. The show was closed by British  singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran who has a growing number of fans in the US.

Even before the show had started there was much talk about what outfit Nicki would be wearing for the show. She has become almost as well-known for her stage clothes as she has for her music with a number of quite extraordinary outfits appearing over the last couple of years. Add in to that the fact that some of the more revealing outfits have resulted in at least 3 wardrobe malfunctions.

Nicki Minaj - great firm cleavage from black singerNicki doesn’t seem to be in the least bit embarrassed by her wardrobe malfunctions and she even shared one nip-slip from late last year on her Instagram account for any fans that might have missed it! One website even suggested that due to the amount of time she spent exposing her boobs she should be given the nickname of Nippy Minaj.

There is no doubting that the 31-year old has a great pair of boobs and it was no surprise that they were once again centre stage as she appeared on the Philly stage to begin her set yesterday. Her top was a leather and gold design which could be described as a bondage style leather bra top with a very open front and some gold tassles.

Nicki appears to have been involved in a recent war of words with fellow singer Iggy Azalea who Nicki has accused of not writing the words to her own songs. During Friday’s performance Minaj appeared to be making a veiled reference to Azalea when she flicked back her hair and pouted at the camera (Azalea is a model as well as a singer).

Nicki has looked to play down the feud before even going on Twitter a few days ago to say ‘I’ve congratulated Iggy on the success of Fancy, publicly. She should be very proud of that. All the women nominated should b proud.’




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