Sexy Bollywood Actress Mallika Sherawat Linked To Antonio Banderas – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 25 June 2014

25 Jun

Mallika Sherawat poses in nude bra topSexy Bollywood Actress Mallika Sherawat Linked To Antonio Banderas – Hollywood was recently shocked by the announcement of end of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffiths marriage but now news has come to light of a possible reason for the break-up.

Just a few days after actress Natalie Burn (Petrovich & The Expendables 3) was forced into denying that there was any romantic link between her and Banderas there is a report from RadarOnline revealing that Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat has what they refer to as an “intense bond” with Banderas.

Sherawat first met Banderas at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 and they seem to have rekindled their “friendship” at this year’s Cannes Festival with time spent dancing together at a private party held on a luxury yacht moored nearby.

A video has come to light showing the pair dancing together and it appears that Mallika’s friend and personal stylist, Ivan Bitton, was the man holding the camera. He has said of the pair that they appeared to be very close and Antonio looked to be flirting with the sexy Indian actress, saying “God you’re so beautiful.”

Mallika is quite rare amongst Bollywood actresses in that she is looking to also make a career for herself in Hollywood and compared to many other Indian actresses she is quite sexual in her both her look and her performances.There are many Bollywood stars where you would struggle to see any sort of revealing photos but there are many shots of Mallika showing her cleavage, tummy and legs.

Mallika Sherawat shows boobs and cleavage in open blouse with bra - sexy Bollywood actressThe 37-year old first started off as a model before she moved into  movies and her biggest Indian hit so far is 2007’s Aap Kaa Surroor which also starred Indian singer Himesh Reshammiya. She has also appeared in the light romantic movie Politics of Love which covers a romance that crosses both racial and political boundaries. However Sherawat’s most unusual crossover movie is 2010’s Hisss (aka Nagin The Snake Woman) which sees her playing a character that is part woman and part snake. Hisss got what can be politely described as mixed reviews with one critic describing it as “pornography for the hormonally demented teen.’

In another strand to her career Mallika appeared in Indian reality tv show The Bachelorette India last year. The show’s aim was to find the perfect bachelor for Mallika.

Mallika’s stylist also went on to say in today’s article that it was not the first time the pair had been close as he says they went together on a secret trip to Spain in 2012. Bitton alleges that Antonio and Mallika were sufficiently close that he even took her to see his family in Spain.

Although Antonio is known as something of a ladies man it is said that the publication of the video showing him dancing so close to Mallika was the final straw and she was furious to have been so publicly humiliated by her husband’s behaviour.

Bitton says that with Antonio’s marriage now ended it leaves the door open for he and Mallika to rekindle their romance saying that the couple had a real chemistry.

Whether the pair do start dating or not remains to be seen but a cynic might say that this sort of publicity can only be good for an actress who is trying to make her mark as a sex symbol in Hollywood movies.


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