Caroline Flack Is Happy To Be A Cougar – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 22 June 2014

22 Jun

Caroline Flack is a cougar - showing cleavage in FHM photoCaroline Flack Is Happy To Be A Cougar – the former Xtra Factor presenter has had something of a reputation for liking much younger men since her time dating Harry Styles 3 years ago.

The relationship got Caroline plenty of criticism at the time as she was some 14 years older than the One Direction singer and as you might expect the One Direction fans were not happy about this at all.

Despite all the negative publicity that Caroline received at the time is was in fact Harry who did all the chasing as after being interviewed by her on the Xtra Factor he bombarded her with emails until she agreed to go out with him on a date. After news of the relationship broke she started receiving hate mail and was also abused via social media networks.

In spite of all the trouble around her brief relationship with Harry Styles Caroline is clearly at ease dating men much younger than her as her current boyfriend is music manager Jack Street who is some 10 years younger than the presenter.

Caroline says of her reputation as a cougar ‘‘I suppose if someone is going to force you into a category it’s a fun category to be in. No one really knows what’s going on in my private life, though. I could be known for something a lot worse. It’s not a bad way to live your life.’

She recently lost her Xtra Factor presenting job but remains upbeat about the experience. She announced the departure herself via Twitter saying: ‘After three brilliant years of hosting The Xtra Factor it’s time to pass the baton. It’s been incredible and I’ll never forget it.’

It seems that Caroline may have a great way of getting her own back on Simon Cowell’s X Factor team after losing her place on the show as it is being strongly rumoured that she is going to join this year’s crop of Strictly Come Dancing celebrities.

It would be the perfect counter to losing her Xtra Factor role to Sarah-Jane Crawford as Strictly easily beat X Factor in last year’s tv ratings. With this in mind a source close to Caroline said of a possible Strictly signing that she ‘is considering her options.  She knows it could be her next big step and it would be nice to beat Simon in the ratings.’

If Caroline does sign up for Strictly this year there is at least one Strictly dance pro who seems keen to have her on his team. Strictly pro Brendan Cole said of Caroline’s possible appearance on the show ‘Caroline Flack, she’d be great, definitely. That would be amazing.’

Caroline has recently been hosting the new ITV2 show Viral Tap, where viewers send in videos hoping to win up to £1k. Incidentally the last show in the series featured former Strictly winner Louis Smith.




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