Kim Kardashian’s Wet T-Shirt Honeymoon Photos – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 19 June 2014

19 Jun

Kim Kardashian shows large dark nipples and big boobs in wet t-shirt with arms stretched behind her headKim Kardashian’s Wet T-Shirt Honeymoon Photos – we know that they are a family that are not frightened of showing a lot of flesh but the newly married reality star really put on a good show for her fans with the release of these revealing photos shot during her honeymoon trip to Mexico.

In a recent Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode Kim’s 58-year old mother Kris Jenner was seen in a swimming pool wearing a wet t-shirt much to her daughter’s displeasure so we guess it is no surprise really that Kim is seen also wearing a wet t-shirt during her time at a pool in their villa at the exclusive Mexican resort of Punta Mita. The resort is something of a celebrity favourite having previously been visited by stars such as Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kirsten Dunst, Sofia Vergara and Demi Moore.

Although Kim wasn’t happy with her mother’s wet t-shirt moment on their recent tv series it was quite mild in comparison to the shots of her that have been seen in the last few hours. Kim is seen getting out of the luxury pool wearing just a pair of black bikini bottoms and a very wet t-short that is clinging to her curves. You can clearly see her large breasts and nipples through the wet fabric and she must have been aware of what she was doing and seems happy to show off what a great shape she has got her body in for her recent wedding.

Things certainly move fast in her world as it only seems a few days ago that she was getting married but she has already fitted in a honeymoon in Ireland, this trip to Punta Mita, Mexico and already gone back to New York last weekend to spend daughter North’s 1st birthday and Father’s Day at home. At the moment she is back on a yacht moored off the coast of Cannes in France so we guess that most people could actually live off the value of Kim’s Air Miles.

Kim Kardashian in wet look t-shirt showing big booty from behindAdd to all this the fact that Kim has just released a trailer for her new mobile app called Hollywood and you can feel that it must be quite exhausting to have her life. It is often cited that she is someone who is famous for being famous but if that is the case then it does actually look like hard work with that much travelling involved.

The new app is available on both iPhone and Android formats and is available from next week on the App Store and Google Play. You could probably guess that the format of the game revolves around having your own “celebrity adventure” by choosing the right clothes to attend red carpet events and hit the clubs with a view to falling in love and becoming a major celebrity. Sound familiar?

KIm’s voice and a Kim-like avatar are used throughout the game as she encourages wannabe celebs with phrases such as “I love that on you” and “I’m so excited.”

Kim has posted the trailer for the new app on her Instagram page saying: “Excited to announce the new #KimKardashianGamelaunches next week on the App Store and Google Play! Check out the trailer…”

You can currently watch Season 9 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians here in the UK on E! on Sunday nights.


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