Woman Transforms Into Real Life Jessica Rabbit – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 12 June 2014

12 Jun

Human Jessica Rabbit with giant boobs and tiny waistWoman Transforms Into Real Life Jessica Rabbit – the wife of a US Air Force man has transformed herself into the living embodiment of cartoon character Jessica Rabbit.

We have already had women who have turned themselves into human Barbies but this is taking things several steps further. For a start as we all know Jessica’s dimensions are a lot more striking than Barbie’s and so the body transformation required is that much more dramatic.

As well as using plastic surgery to create her ideal body shape 25-year old Penny Brown has another much older beauty secret, the corset.

Penny, who now lives with her husband in Okinawa, Japan, has already had 2 boob jobs taking her from an already pretty large 34H to a 36J and now she is a more cartoon-like 55O. Even this is not enough for Penny who says she has always been obsessed with big breasts ‘the bigger they are the better and I don’t think I’ll ever be big enough.’

The corset has been used to bring her waist size down from 38 inches to just 23 inches. She first wore a corset in 2012 for a series of sexy photos for her husband and was intrigued by the effect it had on her figure. After that she then started on 4 months of corset training which involved her wearing a corset for around 23 hours every day. This brought her waist down those 15 inches and although she still wears a corset now it is not for 23 hours a day.

Although corsets were known to be worn as far back as the 16th Century  they became very popular beauty aids in the 19th Century and the technique used by Penny was known then as tightlacing. This produced the desired nipped in waist that women (and some men) were hoping to achieve but at some cost to their health. The tightlacing of the corset not only constricted the internal organs to the extent that eating became impossible whilst wearing the garment but also severely affected breathing with some women only able to use the top part of their lungs.

Penny was obviously not a small woman to begin with and some smaller women have managed much smaller waist sizes. The Guinness Book of Records records Cathie Jung of Old Mystic, Connecticut as having the smallest waist size on record at a staggering 15 inches and this was achieved using a corset over a prolonged period of time.

Penny seems quite pleased with her corset and surgery improved body but is still looking to take things that step further. Despite having breasts that are more than twice the size of her waist she is planning another breast augmentation to double her breast size. As she says by way of explanation ‘I’ve always had a small waist, big hips and large boobs but I’m kind of a go hard or go home sort of person.I wanted to make that significantly more extreme, more dramatic, more stunning and more wonderful.’

After the 2 Human Barbie girls who now make a living from their changed bodies and now this living Jessica Rabbit we wonder which will be the next character to inspire someone to change their look? We reckon that anyone not keen on breast ops but wanting to concentrate on facial reconstruction might take a crack at Betty Boop!

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