TOWIE’s Lauren Goodger Channels Rihanna In See-Through Outfit – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 10 June 2014

10 Jun

Lauren Goodger shows boobs and nipples in see-through Rihanna outfitTOWIE’s Lauren Goodger Channels Rihanna In See-Through Outfit – the 28-year old has been keen to show how well her boob job worked out for her so a chance to imitate Rihanna’s recent pose couldn’t be passed up.

Rihanna found herself the focus of all the attention last week as she picked up her Fashion Icon award with one of the most daring outfits in memory. It was obvious who inspired Lauren Goodger’s selfie that she posted on Instagram without the caption but in case anyone was in doubt then her words made things quite clear:


My Bad Gal Ri Ri inspired shoot #goodshoot#themed #mag #NudeNippleCovers #makeup #real”

Although the photos have picked up over 1100 likes so far there are also the expected number of negative comments. As one follower pointed out today why do these people waste their time following someone they don’t like? With someone like Lauren Goodger if you follow them on a social media site like Instagram you are pretty much certain to know what sort of content you will get. If you want something else then look elsewhere.

Strangely this is something of a recent phenomenon as in the past nobody would have subscribed to a newspaper they hated just to write in abusive letters to the editor.

Just as in Rihanna’s recent awards outfit Lauren’s see-through number clearly exposed her nipples and she also wore similar make-up and added a sparkly bandana and similar earrings to complete the look.

Despite her admiration for the singer Lauren made it clear in an interview with Closer that she had no wish to look like her:

“Rihanna’s body is great but I prefer bigger curves. I like my bum and boobs, I feel sexy. I’d never want to be too skinny as you take the sexy edge away when you just go straight up and down.”

Lauren has not always been so happy with her body as her weight has been subject to some big fluctuations over the years. Although she has recently lost over a stone, and had a fairly recent boob job, it was not that long ago that she was a size 14 and battling to lose the weight with a variety of different diets and even periods in a weight loss boot camp.





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