Rumer Willis Joins Her Sister With The Boob Flashing – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 31 May 2014

31 May

Rumer Willis shows sideboob at Odd Way Home movie premiereRumer Willis Joins Her Sister With The Boob Flashing – it has been quite a few days for the Willis sisters as Rumer Willis flashed the flesh at the premiere of her new movie The Odd Way Home.

You might argue she was showing support for her sister Scout Willis in her Instagram female nudity protest but it was quite clear from Rumer’s dress at the movie premiere that she was not wearing any support!

The Odd Way Home is best described as an indie road movie with a strong plot link to Rain Man. Rumer plays the part of Maya a recovering addict who through a somewhat contrived storyline ends up travelling in an old truck with autistic savant Duncan, played by Chris Marquette (Fanboys). The movie has got some mixed reviews so far although both Rumer and Marquette get thumbs ups for their performances.

At the US premiere of the movie in Hollywood this weekend Rumer clearly felt that some good publicity was required and wore a black halter style dress with cut-out sections that revealed plenty of sideboob. Well if her little sister got plenty of coverage for her cause by a little exposure why shouldn’t she?

Rumer, who at 25-years old is some 3 years older than her sister Scout, is a versatile woman and performs as a singer as well as being a part-time model. She recently posed for photographer Tyler Shields as part of his Provacatour series that will go on show in London later this year.

She was also involved with the Tyler Shields Submerged series of underwater photos that will be shown at London’s Imitate Modern Gallery in October.

There was little doubt that Rumer would follow her parents Demi Moore and Bruce Willis into a show business career as she appeared in 2 movies with her mother (Striptease and Now and Then) before she was 8 years old and later on appeared in 2 movies with her father (The Whole Nine Yards and Hostage).

The Odd Way Home, which is directed and written by Rajeev Nirmalakhandan, is a relatively low-budget indie movie so at present there are no details of a UK cinema release although we would expect it will not be too long before it will be available on Blu-ray and DVD over here.

Rumer Willis - Tyler Shields' Provacatour Photo

Rumer Willis – Tyler Shields’ Provacatour Photo



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