Jane Fonda Flashes Her Boobs In New Movie – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 29 May 2014

29 May

Jane Fonda flashes her boobs in new movie This Is Where I Leave YouJane Fonda Flashes Her Boobs In New Movie – she may be 76-years old but nothing is stopping Jane Fonda taking on the sort of roles she made her name for on the 60’s.

Having first come to our attention as the sci-fi sexpot Barbarella it seems that Jane is happy to still play the sexier roles even though she is in her 8th decade.

For her part as Hillary Foxman in “This Is Where I Leave You”, Fonda has a scene which finds her son Judd, played by Jason Bateman, see his mother appear in a brand new light as she walks around the house in a silk dressing gown which leaves very little to the imagination. Judd and his sister Wendy, played by Tina Fey, have come back home after their father’s sudden death to discover a big change in their mother.

Judd asks his sister what has changed about their mother to receive the reply “the boobs, she got a little touch up.”

Having seen his mother bending over doing the housework with her robe open Judd decides that she now has what he refers to as “bionic breasts.”

The movie role is an interesting choice for Fonda who has been seen in a number of different ways over the years. Having started off as a model, actress and sex symbol she then moved into a phase where she was primarily seen as a political activist and something of a thorn in the flesh of the American government. She also involved herself in feminist and native american issues around this time.In the 1980’s there was yet another change with her name linked at that time to the fitness boom and her “Jane Fonda Workout” books and 76 year old Jane Fonda flashes a lot of cleavage in new movievideos were both huge sellers at this time.

By 1991 she was married to billionaire Ted Turner the founder of CNN. She also acted as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund during the 90’s.

Having said that she had finished with acting after 1990’s Stanley and Iris she clearly found the pull of the screen too much to resist and by 2005 she had accepted the role of Viola Fields in Monster-In-Law. This has been followed by a number of other movie roles including most famously her role as former First Lady Nancy Reagan in the 2013 film The Butler.

With her new role as a woman in her 70’s who has a boob-job and rediscovers her sexuality are we seeing a complete turnaround in the career of Jane Fonda?



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