Scout Willis Makes Topless Protest Against Instagram Ban – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 28 May 2014

28 May

Scout Willis topless photos free the nipple campaign - squeeze photoScout Willis Makes Topless Protest Against Instagram Ban – the 22-year old today posted several topless photos on her social media accounts in protest at the Instagram ban on female nudity.

Scout, who is the daughter of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, is not drawing attention to her herself for any titillating reason but is drawing attention to the fact that Instagram have banned any shots of female nudity even when women who have gone through breast cancer surgery want to share their battle with the disease with other women.

Scout has decided the best way to highlight the issue is for her to walk topless around New York today and post the photos online using the hashtag . 2 topless photos today have been accompanied by the message what @instagram won’t let you see and “legal in NYC but not on Instagram.”

Scout has recently had her Instagram account suspended for posting a photo of a sweatshirt that she had designed called The Babe Bomber which featured 2 topless women. With the suspension of her account not only did she lose the right to post but she also lost all of the photos which she had posted since the account was opened. She made a plea to the social media company with another post today that read “@instagram there is no way 2 contact you directly, I would really appreciate response b/c you took a lot of memories from me b/c u h8 nips.”

As you would expect the campaign has attracted a lot of support today and we fully anticipate that Scout’s number of followers will rise substantially from the current quite modest figure of 7k.

Many of the supportive postings today make the point that it is strange in a country where violence is covered in a fairly routine matter of fact way that something as natural and harmless as a breast can cause such a problem.

We expect this to run for some time and would hope that common sense prevails and there is a rethink of policy by some of the social media sites.

Despite the fact that we said that the topless photos were not posted for any titillating reason who spotted on this photo that the topless actress and model is standing very near a sign that says squeeze!



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