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26 May

Sexy Marilyn Monroe photo showing cleavage - taken at Niagara 1952New Unseen Photos Of Marilyn Monroe In American Exhibition – a new US exhibition is opening next month which features some unreleased photos of Marilyn Monroe.

For a woman who died 51 years ago the actress still creates a huge amount of interest. Much like Princess Diana part of the mystique is a beautiful woman who because of her untimely death stays forever young in the public’s mind.

The Limited Runs exhibition is due to open in LA on 6 June at the Boulevard gallery and will move on to San Francisco’s Sarah Stocking Gallery a couple of weeks later before finally showing at the Whitespace gallery in New York from 22 July.

Many of the photos being exhibited have not been seen for over 60 years and there are also some previously unreleased images. Many of the pictures show Marilyn in a more relaxed pose than the usual staged photos. The image you can see here is taken by Allan ‘Whitey’ Snyder in 1952  whilst Marilyn was on location filming her first starring role in the movie Niagara.

Work by other photographers such as Milton Greene, Thomas ‘Doc’ Kaminski and Lani Carlson is also featured in the new exhibition and show her on set whilst filming other movies such as River Of No Return and Bus Stop.

In another link to Princess Diana there have also been plenty of conspiracy theories about how Marilyn died. Officially Marilyn Monroe died as a result of a barbiturate overdose with a probable suicide link but a new book that has just been published suggests that the real circumstances behind her death are much more sinister.

Jay Margolis and Richard Buskin have published a new investigative book called The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Case Closed, which lays the blame for her death firmly at the feet of Bobby Kennedy, US Attorney General and brother to President John F Kennedy. Both the Kennedy brothers had been having an affair with Marilyn and there was a real concern that the scandal could unsettle the presidency.

Amongst the evidence that the 2 journalists have gathered for the book is an interview with the ambulance attendant who went to Marilyn’s home in Brentwood. He says that he didn’t believe that a self-administered overdose was responsible for her death as there was no sign of vomiting and no smell of drugs at the scene.

If you can’t get to any of the new Limited Runs exhibition dates then there are a number of high-quality poster prints of Monroe available from them for purchase.

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