Sofia Vergara Announces Split As Kim And Kanye Wed – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 24 May 2014

24 May

Sofia Vergara big boobs and nipples showing in see-through dressSofia Vergara Announces Split As Kim And Kanye Wed – in a move straight from the political textbooks Sofia Vergara released the news that she and fiance Nick Loeb have split up on the same day as everyone is covering the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding in Italy.

Modern Family star Sofia announced the split herself on WhoSay and as you can tell from the many spelling errors it was a personal message that had not gone through anyone on her management team first:

‘Not that anyone should care, but in order to not give the press the chance to invent crazy and hurtful drama, I prefer to tell my fans personally that Nick and I have desided [sic] to be apart.

‘We have been having too many problems with figuring out how to spend time together and becouse [sic] of my work and now his, it’s been getting worse and worse, not fun anymore.

‘We are still very close but we belive [sic] is the best thing for us right now.’

You can tell that she was waiting for the right time to release the news as we later found out from her that she and Nick had actually called it a day some weeks ago.

They have had a very up and down relationship from the start and prior to their engagement on Sofia’s 40th birthday in 2012 they has actually split up. They have also been seen having very public disagreements and there were never any dates given for an actual wedding despite that engagement.

With a knockout body and an estimated annual income of some $30m we can’t imagine that the Colombian beauty will remain single for long. As you can see from this photo of Sofia in a see-through top she is not scared of showing off those famous assets.

On the other side of the Atlantic, today finally saw the wedding take place between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. As we expected it took place in Fort Belvedere, Florence not at Versailles as some commentators had suggested.

The pair both turned out in white outfits for their big day although the celebrations were somewhat tainted by Kim’s brother Rob flying back to LA before the ceremony had taken place. Apparently Rob has got involved with a row with his sister prior to the wedding rehearsal with Kim apparently being upset he had not tried to lose any weight for her big day. For his part Rob was said to be unimpressed by the obvious displays of the couple’s wealth and allegedly described the wedding as “superficial bullshit”.


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