Cannes Film Festival’s Best Wardrobe Malfunctions and Near Misses – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 20 May 2014

20 May
Nabilla Benattia shows her big boobs in wardrobe malfunction

Nabilla Benattia

Cannes Film Festival’s Best Wardrobe Malfunctions and Near Misses – as well as a great place to watch movies Cannes has always been a great place to see hot actresses and models in some great and often revealing outfits which in the world of festivals will always mean wardrobe malfunctions and oops moments.

Last year saw former Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria get into a spot of bother after the very high slit in her Versace gown opened up rather more than she was expecting and gave the assembled crowds and photographers a flesh of the actress’s lower portions.

This year it was the turn of  less well-known French actress to have her red carpet dress open up and get the headlines. Cruel as it sounds all the acting and promotional work done by attractive French actress Ayem Nour has got a fraction of the column inches she managed after showing the Cannes Film Festival crowd her see-through knickers as she made her way into her car this week.She has previously appeared in a few French reality tv shows but we guess the additional exposure (pun intended!) will likely get her more work in the future.

It looks like Ayem enjoyed her wardrobe malfunction moment as she made the most of it by turning up for the How To Train Your Dragon 2 premiere in a dress that had so many see-through sections she showed off her legs, boobs and everything in between.

French model Ayem Nour flashing see-through panties at Cannes

Ayem Nour

The award for best or should that be breast wardrobe malfunction goes to another French woman as busty 22-year old former Playboy model Nabilla Benattia managed to have her right breast escape from her black red carpet outfit at the premiere of The Homesman this week. Admittedly there was a lot of pressure on the fabric as can be seen from this photo of Nabilla’s oops moment but much like Ayem Nour her career is sure to profit from this moment in the spotlight.

Just to prove that the UK is capable of producing some decent Cannes wardrobe malfunction contenders it is good to see that famous socialite and member of the aristocracy Lady Victoria Hervey is there to fly the flag for England. When you see that her choice of red carpet outfit for the premiere of Foxcatcher was so see-through that it showed her nipples then you might change your mind about the British aristocracy being a stuffy lot.

Moving away from the aristocracy there was also a wardrobe malfunction moment for 18-year old Kendall Jenner before she even made it to her first Cannes red carpet function. The reality tv star and model managed to expose her bottom whilst posing on the balcony of her luxury French hotel. Sometimes you have to get ahead of the game with an early flash of the flesh before the locals beat you to it!

We guess that for this big a media event some amount of wardrobe malfunctions are not only inevitable but are also expected these days. After all it is a much better way of getting coverage for a movie than spending tens of thousands of pounds, dollars or euros in the hope you will get your project in the media. Sometimes it looks like the best way of ensuring some coverage is by making sure that there is a good amount of attractive uncoverage!

Lady Victoria Hervey shows her nipples on see-thru Cannes premiere dress.

Lady Victoria Hervey




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