Curvy Aussie Model Robyn Lawley To Appear In Sports Ilustrated – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 13 May 2014

13 May

Curvy plus-size model Robyn Lawley in nude photoCurvy Aussie Model Robyn Lawley To Appear In Sports Illustrated – the sexy Australian model looks likely to appear in the next issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition after being seen at a casting session in New York.

Robyn is often described as a “plus-size model” a term that she hates. As you can see from the photo shown here she looks in great shape and apart from those in the fashion industry there are few people who would describe a UK size 12 as plus-size. When you take into account that Robyn is 6’2″ tall then you start to get a better picture of the model.

She is probably best-known so far for her covers for Vogue Italia as well as being the first plus-size model to appear in Vogue Australia. All that might change however if she gets herself a gig in the SI Swimsuit Issue for 2015 as it can be a massive launching pad for a model.

Robyn is seen as an inspiration by many other women who see fashion as a world where only the very skinny models have seemed to get much exposure. As Robyn herself has voiced in a recent magazine feature “You don’t have to be skinny or small to be beautiful”. Finally it appears that fashion designers, features editors and photographers are listening as Robyn has been getting far more magazine covers and features of late. She has been a model for Chantelle lingerie for some time and the range looks to be doing well, no doubt in part due to the fact that Robyn’s natural curves appeal to both the women wearing the lingerie and the men who buy it for them.

She looked to be full of confidence after her SI casting session as she wore a revealing white dress to the American Ballet Theatre’s opening night show in New York yesterday.

Last year Robyn got so frustrated at the lack of suitable swimwear for her and other curvy ladies like her that she designed her own range of swimwear together with Australian company Bond-Eye (spot the play on words there?). Robyn said she was looking for swimwear that was not only fashionable but also that offered plenty of support. Her approach to the new designs was to think of all the problems she met when shopping for swimwear herself and then to go about correcting those problems.

We will no doubt find out over the next few weeks if Robyn gets confirmed as one of the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models. If she does then remember what impact appearing in SI had on the career of another curvy model, a certain Kate Upton?


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