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02 May

Susanna Reid flashes her legs in short dress on Good Morning BritainIs Susanna Reid Doing A “Holly” To Get Ratings? – the lead presenter of the new ITV Good Morning Britain breakfast show has been accused of getting her legs out in a bid to gain ratings.

The attractive 43-year old presenter’s legs have caused plenty of comments during the first few days of the new show as after the first day there were a number of comments on social media sites along the lines of ‘why have a Ferrari and keep it locked up in the garage’. This was a reference to Susanna’s first day on the show seeing her being mostly hidden behind a large desk. This was in contrast to her more relaxed look on the BBC Breakfast show where she was known for showing plenty of leg (and even showing the odd flash of underwear).

Surprisingly after that criticism for the lack of Reid leg on show during her first show it was Luisa Zissman who said that despite Susanna being a quality newsreader ‘the only thing sofa-warmers wanted to comment on was her legs, of which there are a zillion other pairs in the world. Talk about boring.’

Although the new GMB show started off with much higher ratings than its predecessor, Daybreak, it has lost some viewers over the first few days and it seems that many think this is the reason the famous Susanna Reid legs have been seen more in the last couple of days. This is exactly the same criticism as Holly Willoughby faced during her time on The Voice when after ratings for the show dropped off she was seen showing more and more cleavage in lower cut tops and dresses.

Certainly there is no denying that Susanna’s dresses have been shorter and she is being seen much more in an open studio setting rather than being desk bound as the week has progressed. Today one newspaper even described her choice of Friday outfit as ‘thigh-skimming’.

Once you move away from the focus on Susanna’s choice of outfits and her legs it does seem that most commentators are in agreement that she has had a good first week in her new role and no doubt her new bosses at ITV will be pleased with the initial reaction to the new GMB show. The new show has reminded many of the format that has proved so popular on Good Morning America in the US. This style of presentation looks to suit Susanna and the rest of the GMB team and is certainly much more ITV’s style than the BBC.

Whether it was the sight of the Strictly competitor’s legs or more a case of word getting round about the new programme, by the end of this week audience numbers had increased again and were nearly back to those seen on the opening day of the new show.  The other good news for Susanna this week was her rapid rise up the list of the FHM 100 Sexiest Women In The World List. She improved on her 2013 position of 96 to get to number 30 in this year’s list.

We guess if things go well for Susanna on GMB it won’t be long before we will start seeing her on other ITV productions and we would not be at all surprised to see her get her own show before the year is out.

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