Victoria Coren Mitchell Wins Big In Poker Tournament – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 21 April 2014

21 Apr

Victoria Coren big boobs - BBC presenter and pro poker playerVictoria Coren Mitchell Wins Big In Poker Tournament – although best known as a journalist and the host of BBC’s Only Connect quiz show, Victoria is a world-class poker player.

She has just won the EPT (European Poker Tour) tournament and pocketed an impressive amount of cash in the process. Her winnings of just under £400k take her poker career total winnings to £1.5m, making her one of the all-time greats as far as female poker players go.

The victory also makes her the first person ever to win the European Poker Tour event twice. When she first won the tournament in 2006 she became the first female winner of the title. This latest victory came as something of a surprise, even to Victoria, as she was down in 8th place during the final stages of the week-long event.

Victoria is known not only for her quick witty comments but also has attracted much attention for her killer curves which are often nicely displayed in low-cut outfits both on recordings of Only Connect and at poker tournaments.She got married to comic actor David Mitchell in November 2012 hence the name Coren-Mitchell. Husband David was by her side all week and after Victoria had asked if her early 8th position in the final was ok commented, “I thought perhaps I should have been saying, ‘You must be first!’ Not, ‘Eighth seems great.'”

The quick wits and intelligence are no real shock to anyone as Victoria’s father was the brilliant humorist, broadcaster and writer Alan Coren, her mother is a senior doctor in a London hospital and she went to Oxford University leaving with a first in English Literature.

Apart from the poker obsession Victoria is unusual in other ways as she once decided with a friend that they were not impressed with the quality of pornographic movies so set about writing the best hardcore porn movie of all-time. The story of this little adventure is the subject of her 2003 book Once More With Feeling. Although the movie, titled The Naughty Twins, was only available to friends of Victoria, the book has got some great reviews with novelist Jeanette Winterson describing it as laugh out loud and a sort of “Carry On Pornography.”

You can read Victoria’s column in the Observer on a Sunday and she is currently hosting a new series of Only Connect on BBC4 on Monday nights. If you have missed her very amusing Observer articles you can catch up via her website.

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