Cameron Diaz Talks About Kate Upton Bikini Scenes – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 19 April 2014

19 Apr

Kate Upton is The Boobs in The Other WomanCameron Diaz Talks About Kate Upton Bikini Scenes – the actress has been talking about her thoughts on having to star opposite a bikini clad Kate Upton.

Despite the fact that she is now 41-years old and the woman opposite her was not only half her age but also one of the world’s top swimsuit models Cameron Diaz says that she was quite happy to appear onscreen with the Sports Illustrated model.

“I wasn’t like, ‘Oh my God, I am going to be in a bikini and Kate is going to be in a bikini and what is everyone going to think of me. I am 20 years older than her. I am not trying to be her. She is a beautiful woman. We are completely different and I celebrate her. I don’t wish I was 21 anymore. I am very happy to be 41 and I love it. I feel great about my body. I take care of myself. It is important to me.”

It seems that it is not only Cameron who is quite relaxed about the movie’s joint swimsuit scenes as Kate is on record as saying that she thinks her co-star has the perfect body.

Upton’s remark was interpreted by some as a comment that she wished she had smaller boobs but she has denied this is what she meant saying she is happy as she is and accused the media of trying to drum up controversy when there is none.

Cameron, Kate and their fellow co-star Leslie Mann have all just returned from a world tour to promote their new movie The Other Woman which goes on general release in the UK on 23 April and in the US on 25 April.

Not only is Cameron happy about her looks as she gets older she is also more than happy about her career opportunities as she has been talking about the movie roles available to older woman.

“I can’t wait to be older. The most interesting parts are for women who are over 40. We don’t see it that way, because they’re not the sexy parts. Look at the Oscar nominees in the last decade.” With actresses such as Judi Dench, Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep to inspire her Cameron has every reason to feel good about the film chances for the older female actress.

Despite the fact that it has reviews that show it to be a “fun movie” it is unlikely that The Other Woman will be providing Cameron with the kind of Oscar-winning opportunity that she might be hoping for in the future.


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