Julia Louis-Dreyfus Poses Nude For Controversial Magazine Photo – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 9 April 2014

09 Apr

Julia Louis-Dreyfus nude photo for cover of Rolling Stone. Wrong details of US Constitution signaturesJulia Louis-Dreyfus Poses Nude For Controversial Magazine Photo – the 53-year old star of Veep and Seinfeld has caused plenty of controversy with her new nude cover for Rolling Stone but not for the reasons you might think.

In fact it is actually nothing the actress has done wrong at all but more a basic lack of knowledge of American history from the folks at Rolling Stone who planned the cover. The photo of Julia shows her naked with the text of the US Constitution, the country’s supreme legal document, printed on her back. Unfortunately the person at RS who organised the shoot may know his naked actresses but is not so hot on his knowledge of the US Constitution in particular who signed the document.

The photo clearly shows at the base of the document, and just above Julia’s shapely rear, the signature of one John Hancock. Unfortunately John Hancock never signed the US Constitution. He did however sign the Declaration of Independence, an earlier document which dealt with the formal move away from thee British and saw the official formation of the United States of America.

Hancock’s is probably the most famous signature of all-time in the US so it is somewhat surprising that such a basic mistake has been made. In fact his signature on the Declaration of Independence is so well-known that the term a John Hancock is actually used by many people as slang for a signature.

Julia had first taken to Twitter to defend her nude cover before the mistake was picked up by the Washington Examiner and the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. She was clearly expecting a different sort of controversy and put the nude photo down to the fact that she was ‘in a drunken stupor.’

Later on after the blunder had been picked up she was quick to take to Twitter to blame Mike McLintock, her fictional Veep director of communications. McLintock, who is played by actor Matt Walsh, is not the most professional of comms directors in the series and will not be at all surprised at getting the blame from his boss Selina Meyer for this gaffe.

This issue of Rolling Stone with the controversial cover will go on sale from 11 April.


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