Lohan’s 2 Broke Girls Wedding Performance – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 14 March 2014

14 Mar

Kat Dennings and Lindsay Lohan in wedding dresses from 2 Broke Girls episode 2014Lohan’s 2 Broke Girls Wedding Performance – LIndsay Lohan’s acting comeback on hit US comedy show 2 Broke Girls has already got a bad review – on an audience member’s blog.

The audience member, who writes an entertaining Hollywood blog called Crazy Days and Nights, was less than impressed with La Lohan’s acting skills. Amongst the many withering comments passed in the review is the line ‘There is not a member of the audience who couldn’t do a better job than Lindsay Lohan last night.’

The comment that has got the most reposting from the review is where Lohan’s performance is described as a ‘train wreck.’ We are sure this is far from the sort of review she had in mind when she landed a guest starring role on the show.

As well as constantly forgetting her lines it seems that Lindsay also forgot to turn off her mobile which rang during her big scene wearing a wedding dress. Like her earlier line fluffs the blog reported this meant yet another delay in filming and caused the reviewer to say that they had better things to do with their time and that Lohan’s attitude to filming is ‘why she doesn’t work.’

Interestingly it seems that the review is not the way that the 2 Broke Girls cast remember the filming of this episode. Kat Dennings was quick to jump to Lindsay’s defence and said this on Twitter earlier today.

2 Broke Girls has just been picked up for another season by CBS and is seemingly going from strength to strength at the moment. Like many series even bad publicity can turn out to be good news for viewing figures and we are sure that many people will be tuning in to see if the reports of Lindsay Lohan’s performance appear to be true or not.

Incidentally congratulations are also due to our favourite geek comedy show The Big Bang Theory which has just been renewed for another 3 seasons meaning we will get to watch the show until at least 2017. TBBT is now US television’s biggest show with audiences of just under 20m per showing.

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