Cheryl Cole Is Back On the X Factor – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 11 March 2014

11 Mar

Cheryl Cole returns to X Factor with Simon Cowell - new blonde hairstyleCheryl Cole Is Back On the X Factor – after months of ‘is she isn’t she’ rumours it has now been confirmed that Cheryl Cole will be returning to the next series of X Factor as one of the judges.

Observers were not sure if her falling out with Simon Cowell after her bad experience and quick departure from the US show would stop her making a return but it seems like a large pay cheque and plenty of apologies from Simon Cowell have paved the way for a return.

With both Cole and Cowell making a return it should certainly help the show’s ratings although some observers today were still talking about at least one more change on the judging panel being required to give a really new feel to the show. Louis Walsh has been on the show for 10 years now and is seeming more out of touch with current music tastes so maybe someone with a more modern background could help re-energise the show.

Simon Cowell will be desperate for the show to put up a top performance in the ratings after a poor couple of years. The show was once unassailable on a Saturday night but that all seems a long time ago now.

Cheryl Cole has not been seen on UK screens for some time although we are guessing that she will still be a popular draw for Saturday night viewers. Her music career seems to be fading into the background and she will surely enjoy the publicity. She is currently single and had voiced some concerns about the show’s high-profile having a negative effect on her private life but without a Mr Cheryl on the scene this doesn’t look like being a problem.

One talking point at today’s press conference to confirm the singer’s return to the show was her new lighter blonde style hair. Cheryl will certainly be on show as far as her X Factor fashion choices and will have a bit of a tough act to follow as Nicole Scherzinger wore some stunning outfits during her time on the show.

Of her return to the show Chery said ‘I’m very happy and excited to be returning to The X Factor. I’m inspired and ready to find new talent and potential pop stars. It’s going to be a fun series.’ The excitement is likely to be helped in no short measure by Cheryl’s reported X Factor pay cheque of around £1.5m.

From his point of view Simon Cowell will be hoping that the return of Miss Cole will have the same sort of effect on X Factor as Kylie’s appearance as a judge on The Voice has had. We guess only time will tell.

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