What’s In The Oscars Goody Bag This Year – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 02 March 2014

02 Mar
Vetvik leather iPhone case $230

Vetvik leather iPhone case $230

What’s In The Oscars Goody Bag This Year – while the winners will walk away with that famous gold statue what do the losers get to go home with at tonight’s Academy Awards?

Well the answer is the same as it has been for the past few years, a luxury goody bag put together by PR firm Distinctive Assets. This is handed out to all losing nominees as well as the evening’s celebrity presenters.

Last year there was a grumble of disapproval as the value of the goody bag only came to $45k but this year there has obviously been an upturn in the US luxury goods market as the value of the 2014 Oscar good bag is up substantially at around $85k.

Unsurprisingly DIstinctive Assets do not buy the products that go in the goody bag themselves and have a long line of businesses, both big and small, lining up to get the publicity that goes with a place in the Oscar goody bag. In previous years some business owners have estimated that their business turnover increased by around 300% after their products were featured in the Oscars goody bag.

The products in offer this year cover all sorts of areas and all sorts of prices. For example there is a luxury selection of tea from Blossom Blends that comes in at $50 and a plug to stop hair clogging the shower that retails at $6.49.

At the other end of the scale there are 5 different holidays; a $2k stay in Hawaii, a $3.3k Mexican break, a $6.8k train trip through the Canadian Rockies, a $9k trip to Las Vegas and a $15k Japanese break. Just in case you think you might book up a similar trip to bump into your favourite Hollywood star we should let you know that these sort of gifts are normally given away by the recipients to friends, staff members and as charitable donations.

Horse shampoo for human use

Horse shampoo for human use

In the bizarre category of goody bag gifts this year we find a container of pet shampoo ($15), some horse shampoo and conditioner for human use ($95), a set of 6 luxury condoms ($20), a set of his’n’hers pepper sprays ($120) and $280 of maple syrup!

In what we will call the ‘Hollywood section’ of the gifts there is a selection of weight loss sweets and protein shakes ($39), a number of special make-up products, a leather iPhone case ($230), a lifetime membership to a mindfulness gym ($500), a set of personal training sessions ($850), an O-Shot vaginal rejuvenation treatment ($2.7k), and $16k towards a hair transplant.

Just in case you all get carried away at the rise in value from last year’s goody bags then perhaps we should let you know that back in 2010 the goody bag that year had a value of $85k.

It is not just the Oscars that reward their nominees with luxury goods to take home and in fact Distinctive Assets also organise the official goody bags for events such as the Grammys, the Emmys and the Country Music Awards.

So if you see some of the nominees looking a little glum after missing out on a prize tonight don’t feel too sorry for them as they will be going home with around $85k worth of freebies.

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