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01 Mar
Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova

Human Barbie Surviving On Fresh Air? – we have written about her before but it now seems that the so-called Human Barbie from Russian is starving herself to maintain her doll-like appearance.

Valeria Lukyanova has previously spoken about the reasons behind her obsession with looking like a human version of the famously out of proportion doll. The 23-year old has said that she puts such an emphasis on her look to draw attention to her spiritual beliefs.

This time it looks like she might have embarked on a potentially dangerous path though as she has converted to the unlikely named cult of Breathairianism which means she is training herself to live on air and light alone. Even someone with a rudimentary grasp of science and nutrition would be jumping up and down at this point as it is literally impossible to get the body’s minimum requirements for life purely from the air.

The cult’s official line on what is happening is that they are able to survive due to being able to live on ‘cosmic micro-food.’ This is all well and good but there seems to be no scientific evidence that such a thing as cosmic micro-food exists and nobody practicing this lifestyle has put themselves forward for examination and more worryingly there are several reports of deaths amongst people following this lifestyle.

In a short time Valeria has turned herself into something of a media sensation with her Facebook page having over a million likes. It seems that her conversion to Breathairianism might be a new thing though as a post on her Twitter account (titled BarbieHumana) dated just a month ago shows that she was eating a burger on that day.

Blondie Bennett

Blondie Bennett

The Human Barbie has recently faced more competition for the title and we are not talking about Dolly Parton. 38-year old Californian Blondie Bennett has declared herself on a quest to turn into more of a living sex doll version of the Barbie doll with various surgeries over recent months being funded by online donors in exchange for revealing photos. Not quite so spiritual as Valeria then!

Bennett’s surgeries have seen her transform her body and she now has 32JJ size breasts and a restructured face. It is her hypnotherapy sessions that have attracted the most attention however as she has professed herself keen to become what she has described as ‘brainless.’ This is all part of her plan to make people relate to her as a ‘plastic sex doll.’

You can see the approach to the whole Human Barbie thing is also differentiated by Bennett’s choice of Twitter name @Busty_Doll. Indeed the whole Blondie Bennett media presence seems to be far more like you would get from an adult movie star. It lacks the innocence of Valeria’s approach to the Human Barbie thing and as this photo here shows there is much more of an emphasis on her breasts for Blondie’s followers.

Although she does have a large number of men from the US and Japan following her Valeria seems to attract far more women followers than Blondie. We guess you pays your money you takes your choice of Human Barbie

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