Kate Upton’s Zero Gravity Photoshoot With Video – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 18 February 2014

18 Feb

Kate Upton Zero Gravity - Boobs in Space Barbarella Shoot for Sports IllustratedKate Upton’s Zero Gravity Photoshoot With Video – the 21-year old model has been pushing the boundaries for her photoshoot to be featured in the Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary Issue with a weightless ‘boobs in space’ special.

We are guessing that the person who dreamed up the idea for the shoot apart from wanting to see how Kate’s boobs reacted in space was also a fan of Jane Fonda’s 1960’s sci-fi classic Barbarella.

As well as a link to Jane Fonda’s character in Barbarella there is a much less likely connection to someone famous as this is exactly the same flight that the man generally regarded as being the world’s greatest living scientist took 7 years ago.

Professor Stephen Hawking went up on a 2-hour Zero G flight back in 2007. The flights are used to train astronauts for space conditions and the modified Boeing 727s are often referred to as ‘vomit comets’ due to the effect their steep parabolic flight path has on passengers.

Kate Upton looks happy enough in her vomit comet from the smile on her face. The photos are proof that SI are extremely keen to make their 50th Anniversary Issue a real collectors item.

Just like everything else these days the cost of a Zero G flight has gone up over the years. When Professor Hawking went up for his flight in 2007 the cost of a Zero G ticket was $3750 but now the same flight will set you back $4950. And that price doesn’t even include having Kate Upton on board floating past you in a little gold bikini.

The SI Special 50th Anniversary Edition is available to buy from today.

Just in case you want to check out the full effect of weightlessness on Kate here is a video of her experiment with zero gravity. we are calling the video Boobs In Space!


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