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13 Feb

Nicole Scherzinger in sexy hot see-through outfit on X Factor live finalIs Nicole Leaving X Factor, Is Cheryl Cole Joining? –  a source close to Nicole Scherzinger has announced she is leaving the X Factor as Simon Cowell is making a return and Cheryl Cole is in talks to also return.

Nicole Scherzinger has apparently said that she is heartbroken about the fact she will no longer be a judge on the ITV popular talent show. She has said that after 3 years of involvement with the series she feels it is the right time to now concentrate on her music career.

Although it seems that it is already a done deal 2 UK newspapers are currently taking a different view on the matter. The Sun is reporting that Nicole has already made her mind up and will be leaving the show whereas the Mail is saying that they have spoken to Nicole’s representative and the decision has not yet been made.

As well as thinking that she has neglected her music career there are other considerations that Nicole is probably weighing up right now. It looks like her relationship with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton is getting serious again. There have been more and more sightings of the pair together over the last few weeks and there has even been talk of marriage in some circles.

Another factor Nicole will no doubt be considering is the possible return of Cheryl Cole to the show. It has been some time since Cheryl has been seen on UK tv and there is little doubt that she is still a big draw for a series like X Factor. If this is combined with the return of Simon Cowell to the show then there is little doubt this would have a big positive impact on the show’s ratings.

Simon Cowell is keen to see the X Factor regain its top ratings and will know that Cheryl Cole’s participation will be as good a guarantee as he is likely to get.

Cheryl herself is likely to be keen to get back in the limelight but will still have unpleasant memories of her ill-fated flirtation with Cowell’s US version of the show. He will be as keen to make things right as she is although they have both previously stated there were no hard feelings over the affair. In fact it is being reported that Simon is quite happy for Cheryl to verbally abuse him live on the show. This would let her get her answer back after the US show firing and also create more of a “bad boy” role for Simon on the show. It seems that these days every successful talent series has an obligatory “bad boy” stuck at one or other of the panel to spice things up a bit.

It may also be the case that Cheryl wants to be the sole glamour girl on the series if she returns, with some sites today saying that she would only make a return if she didn’t have to share the limelight with Nicole. Cheryl has a new album out this year and there is no doubt that appearing on X factor would give her some great opportunities to plug the album.

We guess that even if Nicole confirms she is not returning to the X Factor Simon Cowell may take a little time to say who her replacement will be as this is just the sort of pre-show publicity that he likes.

Cheryl Cole has added a little to the “will she/won’t she” debate today by posting a #tbt photo on her Instagram account today showing her sitting next to Simon Cowell during her last stint on the show.

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