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08 Feb

Newsreader Susanna Reid flashes cleavage on BBC.Is Susanna Reid Going To ITV For £1m Salary? – the BBC might be a little less pleased tonight at how popular Susanna Reid was on the recently finished series of Strictly Come Dancing after reports have surfaced that she has been offered one million pounds to go to a rival breakfast show on ITV.

Susanna was a popular competitor with the public on Strictly and rumour has it that she attracted a lot of the “dad’s votes” that kept her in the show longer than some felt she deserved. Having said that she did pull out a few really good performances even if her dancing was not as consistent as some of the others.

She no doubt did little to harm her appeal with a couple of well reported flashes of her underwear during her early morning breakfast show and she certainly brightens up the morning routine with her lively personality. After struggling in so many of the recent ratings battles ITV would love to wave their cheque book and get one of the Beeb’s favourite girls to defect to their side.

If one of the measures of a female celebrity’s appeal is the number of dodgy Photoshopped images available of them on the internet then Susanna would seem to be riding high. They might also explain why so many men of a certain age have a faraway look as they eat their breakfast in the mornings!

Although the prospect of increasing her salary by a factor of 4 must seem incredibly tempting things may not be that simple for Susanna. She has often spoken of her pleasure at working for the BBC and as has often been seen in the past a switch of channels may bring big money in initially but the audiences and chemistry may not transfer that well.

Certainly there must have been times that Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles wished that they hadn’t made the move from their successful slot on The One Show to ITV’s Daybreak and after some terrible ratings were sacked less than halfway through their 4 year contract. Also many comedy fans would point to the downturn in quality of Morecambe and Wise when they left the BBC for a big money ITV contract in 1978. At this time the duo were so popular the Queen was rumoured to have changed her Christmas lunch time to make sure she didn’t miss their show and some of the BBC governors even considered lobbying the government over Eric and Ernie’s move.

The talk of a £1m contract may actually be just what Susanna wants as she appears far more likely to use this as a bargaining tool to increase her current BBC salary than move to the rival channel.

Back at the end of last year Susanna said ‘If you cut me open I would bleed BBC. I said when BBC Breakfast moved to Salford that the BBC runs through me like a stick of rock, nothing has changed.’

That move to Salford may be another bargaining tool for the attractive newsreader as she, her partner and their three boys have their home in London and her journey from home to office is around 5 hours since the BBC moved to Salford.

After seeing how much she enjoyed herself on Strictly last year we wonder if there might also be a sweetener from the BBC in the form of a new show for Susanna as well?

As you would expect in this situation the BBC’s only comment was to say that they did not comment on any individual staff contracts.

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