Russian Model Irina Shayk Poses Topless For Winter Olympics – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 5 February 2014

05 Feb

Irina Shayk posts topless selfie with Olympic gloves holding her breastsRussian Model Irina Shayk Poses Topless For Winter Olympics – the 28-year old model has just posted a topless photo of herself with the caption ‘My Special Olympic Swimsuit.’

Irina is sure to have made herself popular in her home country over the last few weeks as she has posted a number of messages on Twitter showing her support for the Russian team members. This latest posting is sure to have been the most popular of all we reckon though.

With the current trend of come celebrities, and non-celebrities, sending out large numbers of selfies Irina’s selfie contributions tend to buck the trend. Irina is almost never seen in the same pose and nearly always injects some humour into her photos whilst still looking hot of course!

It will be a welcome bit of good news for the organisers of the Winter Olympics, which are due to be officially opened in Sochi on Friday this week. The Winter Games have attracted a lot of unwanted media attention around the controversy following a new Russian law that effectively bans what is described as gay or ‘non-traditional’ propaganda.

As well as Irina’s latest photo posting, which shows the stunning model topless with a pair of special Winter Olympics gloves appearing to hold her breasts, some of her other postings in recent days have shown her with some model friends who have joined her to watch the games.

Irina’s long-term boyfriend Christiano Ronaldo recently won the title of World Player of the Year and in the process sparked rumours that he and Irina may have got married. In his acceptance speech the Real Madrid footballer said: ‘I have to say a great thanks to all of my ­team-mates within the club and the national team. Without all their efforts it would not have been possible. I am very happy, it is very difficult to win this award. Everybody that has been involved with me on a personal level I have to thank. My wife, my friends, my son. It is a tremendously emotional moment.’

Was it just a slip of the tongue or have the couple actually tied the knot?

Whilst Irina and her pals may already be in Sochi looking forward to the 2014  Winter Olympics there are a number of world figures who will not be joining them there. In contrast to the 2012 London Olympics which saw all the world’s leaders represented at the Opening Ceremony for the Sochi games there will be many of the big names missing. There will be no Barack Obama, no David Cameron and no Angela Merkel.

Although the Winter Olympics is not seen as being as big an event as the Summer Olympics there is not much doubt that the recent controversy has done little to make many of the world leaders want to attend. Just in case the point had not been made strongly enough the US also decided to send 2 openly gay athletes (ice hockey medalist Caitlin Cahow and ice skater Brian Boitano) as part of their official delegation.

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