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01 Feb

Lara Pulver naked in Sherlock as Irene AdlerSherlock’s ‘The Woman’ Is Fleming’s Lover In New Drama – Lara Pulver shot to fame when she played the role of Irene Adler, described in the original Conan Doyle stories as the woman.

In the Sherlock tv series she made sure she made an impact on the famous detective, and the viewers, by appearing completely naked. This had the effect of putting Sherlock off his guard and he even temporarily lost his powers of deduction.

Lara is shortly to appear in a new tv drama called Fleming, which tells the story of Bond author Ian Fleming’s life in fairly graphic detail.

Fleming was famously not a very pleasant man and had a well deserved reputation as a womaniser. He had an unsuccessful career as a banker after leaving Eton then and moved into stockbroking. It was whilst he was working as a stockbroker that he began his long affair with Ann O’Neill (nee Charteris) who is played in the series by Lara Pulver.

Lara describes her character and Fleming as ‘two dysfunctional people who brought out the best and worst in each other, to the point where they couldn’t live with each other or without each other.’

Dominic Cooper as Ian Fleming and Lara Pulver as Ann O'NeillIn the new drama the part of Ian Fleming is played by Dominic Cooper, who is better known for his lighter roles in Mamma Mia and The History Boys.

Ann and Fleming’s affair is a central part of the drama as it continued not only through her marriage to Baron O’Neill but also through her second marriage to Esmond Harmsworth, 2nd Viscount Rothermere and UK press magnate.

Despite its length the relationship between Ann and Fleming was described as an abusive one with their correspondence talking openly about whippings and beatings.

Lara said that she was concerned after her Irene Adler appearance in Sherlock that she didn’t want her next big tv role to contain any gratuitous sex scenes, Fleming director Matt Whitecross spoke to the actress and explained how important it was to properly depict Fleming’s relationship with his lover and that the role needed passion to portray this properly.

Dominic Copper doesn’t seem to have warmed to the man he is portraying on-screen as he describes him as being too spiky and snobbish and says that he struggled to understand why he treated people the way he did.

The drama should help to explain to viewers where the cruel streak that is seen in some of the Bond films, and even more so in the novels, came from.

Fleming begins at 9pm on Sky Atlantic on 12 February.

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